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    Issue with my new Hasselblad

    According to the manual the mirror is retracted in S-Mode which makes shooting faster. From the manual: "this is accomplished through the normal release sequence being carried out in advance when the selector is turned to 'S': the mirror is lifted" Hasselblad bodies of this error should work...
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    "Lab Box" home developing

    Thats pretty pricy for what is likely a finicky device but I have never used one so I cant say for sure. Labs and former enthusiasts are dumping film gear left and right you should be able to grab everything you need to process film for <$50 if not free (chemistry aside). If you are worried...
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    Cameras you haven’t bought....yet.

    I like to only purchase cameras I find in the wild (although I will buy the occasional lens on ebay) the hunt is half the fun for me. Ive been looking for a Linhof Technika (any variant, preferably vintage). I finally found one in the wild a few weeks ago but it was way to highly priced for what...
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    A "new" Rolleiflex!

    If you are worried about it a CLA will clean up all the issues, in the meantime some things to lament over: - as has been noted the 1/500 may not be moving into place correctly under tension - the adjuster may have fallen off (or is not properly slotted into) the housing. Since the rollei's...
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    Aircraft and Aviation Theme

    That pic is from last year but thats a training plane so it flies that hop daily more or less. Its quite a feeling to surf the clouds.
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    Aircraft and Aviation Theme

    Sunrise @KDYL (Thats me in the left seat) First time breaking out on top The piper museum
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    Dreamy effect on film

    As others have noted out of date film was likely used (its pretty easy to come by) you can also get the same color effects (issues) on poorly calibrated film processing machines or improper processing, and or by using expired chemistry. The soft focus blurry aspect is either from a plastic...
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    # of exposures

    Agreed, but in context here I assumed they were trying to shoot film specifically, on the cheap.
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    Wet Plate Holder

    You can get modified 4x5 film holders that have been cut for wet plate work and will fit in a cambo back. Effectively the core is cut out and one side is replaced with a "back" that has two small tension springs. The remaining dark slide is left and works as it needs to. I used one with a...
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    # of exposures

    Shoot 4x5 then you will know exactly how many exposures you get every time you put film in the camera... On any note it depends on the camera, the loading mechanics and the roll its self. In my experience 35-38 exposures is possible. My Rolle 35 which is the smallest full frame 35mm camera has...
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    So who does play with press type 2x3 and 4x5 cameras?

    Ive got a baby graphic that I dont have any neg holders for so it has not gotten used yet. Its in nice shape so its mostly a display piece. Ive got 2 speed's and a crown 4x5 that I have used. they are fun, easy to take into the field and not all to heavy if you need to walk. Every so often the...
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    PIF: medium format Glassine sleeves

    Not sure what the form policy is on PIF's (Pay it forward/giving stuff away) but if this belong in some other thread mods please move. On any note I have some boxes of 120 format Glassine sleeves 6x1 style. I don't really need this quantity of sleeves and I prefer binder pages anyway so Im...
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    State of the Art in Color Print Films

    Be careful, crime scene photography is tough. :biggrin-new:
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    pre 1960s cameras

    ahhh i missed that as well - hasselblad with a macro tube/bellows - mamiya 33 (330) extends to the macro focus range - any large format camera with sufficient rail length (and you can always put a 120 back on).
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    1939 Leica iii resto/repair/cleanup

    I only dove into this one because of how cheap I got it. If it was an M3 or something I never would have tried. its a pretty neat little thing and I really like the look of the early ones that were less clean (in terms of design) than the M series. I sacrificed a bit of the vulcanized covering...
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    1939 Leica iii resto/repair/cleanup

    Its in decent shape. Still need to run a few more rolls to really get it through its paces and see where everything stands. I was half guessing on the exposures in the first roll (didn't have my meter on me). I hope to run a few more rolls this weekend to see.
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    State of the Art in Color Print Films

    For color work I shoot Fuji Velvia 50 almost exclusively at this point. I like the colors, the fine grain and the look. I have shot (and still sometimes do shoot) plenty of Kodak but its just not the same. As others have said you will need to find our mail out to a good E-6 lab. If you are...
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    pre 1960s cameras

    The new Fuji digitals are what you should look at if you like dials. My XT-3 has the same dials as my F3 and even as my '39 Leica iii. On any note you can find all mechanical cameras (especially medium format) that were produced well into the 80's, you dont need to cap it at 1960. As for...
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    1939 Leica iii resto/repair/cleanup

    I started cleaning the advance knob and ended up stripping the whole camera and lens down... Some interesting things I found: The lens had dust but was actually pretty clean on the inside. The damage/contamination seems to be related to the front element. There were some dust particles that I...
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    1939 Leica iii resto/repair/cleanup

    @Derrel I think its a III (no letter designator) the serial number dating I did puts the body a 1939 and the lens a 1937 (so perhaps not the original lens). I think Im gonna get some FP4 for this weekend to test out. My developer is fairly old and that may have had an impact on the processing as...