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    DragonFly in Flight

    Awsome in flight capture.
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    Some birds

    Wow...excellent captures. Amazing details.
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    Macro - Testing my new lens

    Great captures indeed. The jumping spider is awsome...excellent details.
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    Div pics of birds

    Hey guys! Here are some pictures i have taken of some birds that i hope you will like. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
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    The Early Bird.

    Great action shot. Very nice details.
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    Bee and Hover fly in flight

    Thanks a lot guys:D
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    fish face

    Great captures. Love the fish..awsome details.
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    fish face

    Great shot. Lovely colours and details.
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    Bee and Hover fly in flight

    Thanks guys. My Shooting data: Nikon D80 2008/11/21 11:09:35 Lens: 18-200mm Focal Length: 200mm Exposure Mode: Shutter Priority Metering Mode: Multi-Pattern 1/200 sec - F/6.3 Exposure Comp.: +0.3 EV
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    Birds in Flight

    Excellent captures. Awsome details in all of them.
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    Bee and Hover fly in flight

    Some more pics i got yesterday. Think these ones are decent's not easy to get these pics of them in flight. 1. 2. 3. 4.
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    Axis Deer

    Wow..excellent capture. Crisp and clear with excellent details. Well done.
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    Excellent close up shot. Awsome details as always.
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    Insect Fans - Hover Fly

    Excellent capture. Awsome details/colours and great lighting. Wish i could get these kind of detailed pics...oh well i just have keep on dreaming!
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    Great close up capture. Like the lighting,awsome details.
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    another Hover Fly

    Excellent capture of that Hover fly. Awsome details.
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    Hover fly in flight2

    Many thanks Overread:thumbup: Not easy to get these shots. Will try to get some better ones but i think that will not happend. Think i need to buy a ringflash.
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    Macro - spider v mantis

    Excellent captures. Awsome details.
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    Gaze of the Butterfly

    Great captures. Lovely details on the butterfly. Like the capture of the dragonfly aswell...the dark background makes the dragonfly stand out. Welld one.
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    Hover fly in flight2

    Is this better? much crop?