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    Anyone print their own wedding guest books?

    I used My Publisher, based in New York. They do an excellent book, the paper is a better weight than many photo stores offer. Everything is available online to layout the book and delivery is usually within the week it is ordered. My client was highly delighted by the book.
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    what lense do you use for products?

    I use a prime 50mm for some product shots, you can always throw on an extension tube to get nearer. The 50mm is cheap and very sharp.
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    $1000/year for 1 photo!!?

    So it's a $1,000 photograph.................... Photographers expense: phone bill to receive call from client car payment to visit client gas to visit client time to have meeting with client to hear the brief travel to location to take shot depreciation of pro camera equipment ( bet it was not...
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    Unless you are selling to a specialist flower/nature stock library, the main stream stock libraries do not want flowers.
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    I'm having second thoughts

    Hi Becky, Too often as Photographers we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to have THE website and sweat hours over it. One thing I have noticed as a trend among Photographers, is that one website cannot do it all. My suggestion is to keep your business name, as you have a following of clients...
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    My stockphoto offerings

    Very nice look to your site especially the home page. I have been selling royalty free through microstock sites for three years. I just did a quick search on your site for "business" then clicked on image #566, a white truck, you have left the manufacturers name on the cab, which would put the...
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    Photos on Disc - how to price?

    I know the dilemma your in, sometimes the client makes you feel invested in their problems in order to get a good deal. If you get $400 for the CD it works out to $1.40 per image, you will never sell these images again, it does seem too cheap. Have you thought of putting the photos on one of...
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    Any published fashion photographers?

    There are many of us who have got published in magazines through microstock agencies, I have been published in Chatelaine and Mens Health magazine, I know of others who have been in Maxim and FHM. Then it's up to the Photographer to leverage these opportunities into bigger gigs.
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    Checklist for product photographer

    Some small mirrors for reflecting light as fill, also a packed lunch each day so you can eat on the run! Best of luck.
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    Internship advice for a commercial/fashion agency

    I think the secret is to sustain enthusiasm over the time period of the internship, if you feel neglected taken advantage of, never ever show it. Enthusiasm all the way. If you can anticipate needs you will do extremely well, remember details, if you have to get coffee for key people, remember...
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    Portrait lighting

    Even outside I will use my strobes, when they are not available and I'm in bright sunlight with no shade I have a scrim to create shade. Inside I light with strobes, usually 4 , although I'm finding that another couple could come in handy. A long time ago I found strobes scary, trying to get...
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    Indoor lighting trouble! Please help!

    Another suggestion I have, is not to overlook reflectors, white foam core or even a round photo reflector works wonders bouncing light and softening shadows, with hot lights you can see where to place the reflector a lot easier. By the way your first post of photo's are great. If this makes...
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    TFP - What If They Want Printed Copies?

    TFP is an older term, but with the digital age has become TFP/CD. I give a CD of 10 full size fully retouched photo's on a CD to my Models I used. I also tell the model and write on the CD that the photo's are my copyright and they cannot sell the photo's. I do give the Models a written letter...
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    Trash the Dress / Set One. C&C

    I love these shots, the concept is great.
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    First Time Shooting A Model C&C Please :)

    #2 is the best for how your Model looks to me. I think a blond woman cries out for a more high key effect on a light/white background. I would like to see more of her personality in the shots, photo #1 is great expression.
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    ????Questions of stock photo????

    Providing the photo's are sold as royalty free, you can submit to most "microstock agencies", the same photo's.
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    I need help!

    Nikon has an excellent 50mm f1.8 which is very cheap around $100 and a very sharp lens, would be perfect for this application. I agree with Tom-Tom that's how I would light it, although instead of foamcore I would have a kicker light to add some stronger contrast lighting to bring out texture...
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    A few from a recent session..

    These are great, the flower pot shot of the little girl and the first fish bowl with the blond boy are priceless. You have done very well and should get tons of work from these examples. The selective color do not work for me, maybe a pastel washed out color might be more acceptable or a...
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    Water Birds

    Nice quality, what equipment did you use?