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  1. Zada

    Old Rundown Hotel ... Ideas?

    Good luck!!! Definately post your photos after, I'd love to see them :)
  2. Zada

    Mission Espada, San Antonio

    I think it's a nice shot :) Would love to see some other angles of it. The door of the building looks interesting!
  3. Zada

    #1 Tip for Photographing People

    My cousin wants me to take some photos at his wedding this summer and I've never really photographed people before. I'm going to do some practicing on some friends beforehand, but just curious what everyone's #1 piece of advice is for people photography? :D
  4. Zada

    Old Rundown Hotel ... Ideas?

    Thanks! I'll check out the link, I love old buildings!! It's right in the middle of town!! There's a Canadian Legion on one side, and a siding store on the other... and it's on main street. :confused: I'll take a look around the building. The other side has some neat angles that I didn't...
  5. Zada

    Old Rundown Hotel ... Ideas?

    Explorers.... :D Who are these people and where can I find them Thanks! Clouds would look more mysterious for sure... or a little rain. Ooo rain clouds. Now I just need to order them. Great ideas, thank you! LOL looks like someone already tried that tactic It's in Fort MacLeod - Southern...
  6. Zada

    Happy Trails to You!!

  7. Zada

    Pit Bull Finds her Weapon

    Hahahhaha!! Great series! I love the second photo! Ready to pounce on the unexpecting stick !
  8. Zada

    Old Rundown Hotel ... Ideas?

    Yeah, I would imagine it's fairly old. The strange thing is that all around it has been re-built... everything except this hotel. I would imagine they're going to either tear it down or re-do it. Away from the hotel - the sun is coming from the west. And I only have a fancy point and shoot...
  9. Zada

    Multnomah Falls, Oregon

    I looove the wintery shots! They're more unique than the summertime one that you see more frequently.
  10. Zada

    Old Rundown Hotel ... Ideas?

    Thanks for the feedback! I can't get into the building... if you see in # 3 everything is boarded up and the barbwire prevents you from going up the stairs. It's pretty eerie!
  11. Zada

    Spring Flowers

    Its an ok shot. . . I do'nt see anything very unique about it unfortunately. The color is pretty
  12. Zada

    Canada day

    I like the colors in the background of #1 :)
  13. Zada

    A world of stairs

    #2 leaves me intrigued as to what is at the top... #4 has some great angles! Kinda plays with your brain a bit - I like!
  14. Zada

    Across the Years ( B&W)

    Definately tells a story... nicely done :)
  15. Zada

    Old Rundown Hotel ... Ideas?

    I drive by this hotel weekly, and finally stopped to shoot it. I guess I wasn't feeling creative that day as I wasn't pleased how they turned out. Comments & critique would be appreciated - any ideas of what I could do for next time?? 1. This is just what the hotel looks like: 2. 3...
  16. Zada


    He/She looks very deep in thought! Nice image :)
  17. Zada


    Interesting and creepy! I hope you have a good lens and weren't anywhere near that thing!!!!
  18. Zada

    New to digital photography!

    I'd have to say the water fountain one is my favorite.
  19. Zada

    Storm chase from last year

    They look like paintings the way the clouds are so whispy (if that's a word) in the first one!
  20. Zada

    Wrapped in fog

    Wow, that's amazing!! It's busy, yet peaceful :)