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  1. Jeff Canes

    More VT foliage

    Very Nice. You should do a water color edit on one or two of them. And have them printed on canvas prints
  2. Jeff Canes

    Kodachrome Making a Comeback?

    There are rumors floating around the web even quoting/implying unnamed sources within Kodak, LOL Because of chemical and buffing process it seem likely it would be a different film that yelled the same image results as original Kodachrome Kodak Kodachrome Returns In Both 35mm and 120 Emulsions
  3. Jeff Canes

    Need guidance on loading 120 on reel

    Where are two type of plastic reel premium and standard. The ones wings/tabs on the inside to guide film are a lot easier IMO. I can't load the standard ones without swearing. Arista Premium Plastic Developing Reel | Freestyle Photographic Supplies
  4. Jeff Canes

    Few old photos

    i like #3 of pyramid build; #1 cell tower is catching my eye, a little angle on view of field would have but it behind the building on the left
  5. Jeff Canes

    Orleans Island, Quebec

    #1 looks windy; #2 the in line running across the upper left is drawing my eye in
  6. Jeff Canes

    Senior pics

    I like 2 & 3 as is; But 5 IMO the left haft should be cropped out, the the space doesn't seem to be adding any real value to the image; the colors are nice on all of them
  7. Jeff Canes

    True Love

    yep, that is love
  8. Jeff Canes


    I like it, nice tones and leading lines
  9. Jeff Canes

    cat on a hot plastic chair

    he look happy
  10. Jeff Canes

    Adorama Vs. B&H

    Amazon sell equipment too. You have to look for Prime logo or "Ships from and sold by Amazon" note, it just another option
  11. Jeff Canes

    Adorama Vs. B&H

    Don't forget Amazon their prices are the same as both Adorama & BH
  12. Jeff Canes

    trees in the park

  13. Jeff Canes

    Uses for 667 Polaroid film?

    do you know how the film was stored, it's long past use by date
  14. Jeff Canes


    I like #3 a lot, nicely framed and good tones; also #1 similarly; #2 "nitpick" maybe crop it square cutting some off the right
  15. Jeff Canes

    Interesting Shots of My Cat! (: C&C

    Cute shots, like #4 a lot
  16. Jeff Canes

    Tower Bridge

    nice sky, and agree than the contrail is a bit distracting
  17. Jeff Canes

    Old Roma woman flower seller

    i like the high contrast/tones, not high on the composition
  18. Jeff Canes


  19. Jeff Canes

    50mm FD on an EOS Body with Adapter?

    You can find fd/eos adapters on eBay in the $20 range but they do not focus to infinity so they are only good for macro shooting.