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    It'll all be over in 24 hours!

    Last rally of the year and ANWCC championship tonight and we're desperatly holding on to 1st place in the Novice category. My friend also from my town is just 11 points behind us but as yet hasn't entered! If it stays that way we can take victory and have an easy night, but if he enters...
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    Naturally Seven

    Anyone heard of them? Excellent stuff!!
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    Lewis Hamilton Formula 1 World Champion!!!

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    Shooting the Stag...

    Well not really as the Bride would kill me! My best mates stag do last weekend. Took him clay pigeon shooting at a local club. Please feel free to comment. The Groom. Getting into it!!! The Grooms future Brother in Law going nuts! Finally my favourite. On target with a view...
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    Red Tail

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    My son graduated!!!

    OK so he graduated from pre-school but I'm still proud of him! This photo was taken by my wife Vicky.
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    Where is Mentos?

    Just browsing through old film scans!
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    Expensive & rare sausages!!!
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    Warm side of the Landing

    Really, it was! :lol:
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    A puff of smoke.

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    Too Close!

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    Last train

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    Hope there are no BMW purists here

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    Rally update

    Since recently the rallying & car prep has been taking some of my photo time I thought I'd post an update or two! After last weekends 061 rally I'm currently 7th oa, 1st in class & 2nd under 1400cc. We almost put the car on it's roof when we hit a huge hole in the forest and it sounds like the...
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    Life update

    Not been around as often as I'd like and feel like I'm loosing touch with this place & people here.:( So for now here's a brief update of what's going on at home & hopefully I'll get some time to post & browse later. Noah James had his first operation on his ear & the found a hole which may...
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    I got a duff tin of sweets....

    My wife tells me that the tin of Celebrations sweets I was given for Christmas didn't contain any of my favourites. :x I should never have let her open them!:(
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    Lola-High Key

    Not sure how this looks over the internet but I am extremely pleased with the print! My Niece Lola during a shoot I did of mine & my sisters kids to get a photo for my parents wedding anniversary. C&C Welcome
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    Smokin' grass............

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    A sign?

    Spooky when something catches your eye in a cemetary, isn't it! :shock:
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    Looking for Daddy

    Just like her brother Noah, Georgia is so used to the camera now she's always looking for it! :lol: