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  1. greybeard

    Goose in a puddle

  2. greybeard

    Brown Spider

  3. greybeard

    Bloom after the rain

    Nikon Z50, 50-250 @ 250mm
  4. greybeard

    On my daily walk

  5. greybeard

    Birds of a feather NOT

  6. greybeard

    Bug taking off

    Several years ago I had just gotten a R1 flash setup to go along with my 105mm micro nikkor. I was playing around with it in the house when I spotted this bug crawling on the couch. I started snapping and this is what turned out.
  7. greybeard

    Tiny Spider inside bloom

  8. greybeard

    Blooms at Lowe's today, (cell phone)

    Moto G
  9. greybeard

    On my walk to the post office today

    Z50, 50-250 @ 250mm, f/8, iso 125
  10. greybeard

    Potted blooms

  11. greybeard

    Up close on the fountain

  12. greybeard

    blooms around the house today

    Purple mint Yellow bloom on a weed
  13. greybeard

    The Bloom that fell on the way to the plant stand

    Found this on the ground after hanging some flower plants today.
  14. greybeard

    My neighbors dog Tonka

    He has a bark that will cut through a marching band
  15. greybeard

    1st bird pic of the season

    Nikon Z50 50-250 @ 250mm, iso 125, 1/250 sec, f/8, heavy crop
  16. greybeard

    Gizmo doing what he does best.