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  1. Von Rottes

    impromptu convention shoots

    Took my camera gear to a convention, got lazy and only packed around my flash, camera and Vivitar Series 1 28-90 lens... Did some impromptu shoots with some friends at the hotel they were staying in... Figured I'd throw them up here and see what everyone thinks... maybe my photography is...
  2. Von Rottes

    LV zoom issues

    I've googled this and seen a few mentions of people having the same issue, but never a fix for it. I have a Nikon D5300 and when I go to Live View and zoom in more than once the image gets so laggy It is impossible to use to get focus.. This is both with the 18-55 VR II that came with the...
  3. Von Rottes

    Viking Inspired shoot

    This was something I did not to long after I bought my camera...first time really using it to photograph anyone/thing. Just going to post my favorite two shots.
  4. Von Rottes

    Question on old Vivitar Series 1 lens

    Looking into the old Vivitar series 1 28-90 lens, but I keep seeing N/AI on the lens barrel. I can't seem to find much info on anything other than the VMC 70-210 I know I can use pretty much any AI lens on my D5300, but does anyone know for sure if the VMC 28-90 is Non-AI or is it AI?
  5. Von Rottes

    Memory card issue

    Alright, so I have a D5300 and I'm using Micro SD for my storage. Currently I use a Patriot EP series UHS3 32gb Micro SD My issue is... Sometimes the camera will NOT read the card. pulling the battery for a few seconds will get the card to work again sometimes... other wise I have to format the...
  6. Von Rottes

    Stupid lens questions

    Have a D5300 and just got a vivitar series 1 70-210 a big heavy Lens.... My stupid question is, do I need to worry about constantly supporting the lens while I have it on the camera? Like this lens seriously weighs more than the camera with kit lens.
  7. Von Rottes

    Hey look another Ohioan.

    New kid from ohio.... Name is William, I'm 23 from Columbus. Just recently got around to buying my first dslr... a D5300 and I just bought a old Vivitar Series 1 "Ver. 1" 70-210 lens to go along with the 18-55 VR kit lens. Photography is something I have been interested in for really as long...