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  1. vin88

    1939 contax 35 mm camera

    I was lucky enough to buy a one owner 1939, with s bag of stuff included 3 lense. i'll try to post it. i bought it for the lenses that will almost fit on a old nikon. the old contax had a shutter problem of deteriation from age or storage . i ran the shutter as a test ---- surprized...
  2. vin88

    T max film:

    I recived several unused rolls of T MAX 400. i have never used this film, always used Fugi. how good is this film? Vin
  3. vin88

    camera corner.

    collectors dream; i picked up a 1979 pentax 110 transparet. vinn
  4. vin88

    usable collector cmeras.

    has anyone used the leica R4s ? the camera bodies are plentiful, the proper, original, lenses are hard to find. I am woundering if buying an adapter to a nikor lens to test its "multi mode operation". vin
  5. vin88

    transfuring slides tocomputer

    touring a photo art shop; New?; device available to digitize slides AND negatives ?
  6. vin88

    repairing a digital camera?

    a non working canon eos 350 D camera body. $ 10. with a lot of experence in mechanical repair AND none in electronics, and having a couple "Rebel" lenses, i have a new winter adventure, starting with removing the internal battery. later, vin
  7. vin88

    note from a camera lens collector.

    I was oranizing my lens collection and the lens adapters for the old cameras. there was - some time ago - Pentax digital camera that could pentax bayonet lenses and ---- would adapt to pentax screw lenses. i wish i had bought that camera. vin
  8. vin88

    useing out of date film, including 35mm.

    I recently aquired a canon 35mm camera with many rolls of un used 400 asa color film. how can you determine the exp. date? my guess is the date was on the box the film can was in. vin
  9. vin88

    restoring leather vintage leica case

    after dropping my F2 on the concrete, I have a lot more respect for vintage camera cases. for starters; most have cotton thread and aging leather. saddle soap can do wounders with the leather, but the cotton thread must be replaced with nylon. that's not easy. a "saddle maker" may take...
  10. vin88

    collector cameras with long out of date film

    is the old film worth saving? i have been told, black and white (with silver in it) will last a long time AND color film will not. i recently aquired a vintage nikon with several rolls of film (out of date). its a shame to throw it out. vin
  11. vin88

    testing photo post from computer files

  12. vin88

    how to use both film and didgital cameras?

    this i would like to know. i hope i have posted this thread in the right place. vin