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    My neighbors dog Tonka

    Nice shot.
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    Bunt on ball.

    Nice shot and timing.
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    She is looking at me

    Nice shot.
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    Wild Juvenile!

    Nice shots.
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    Red-wing and Dicsissel

    Nice shots.
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    Nice set.
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    Three Birdies

    Nice set.
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    Very nice shot.
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    Nice shot. Different looking plant.
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    Yellow-Lored Parrot

    Nice shot.
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    4 Clicks ... 4 Pics

    Nice set.
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    Some recent images.

    Nice set.
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    Nice set.
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    Planting Corn

    Nice shots. It has been wet and cool in this area. I'm not used to seeing fields just sitting this time of year.
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    Look, Ma! I'm Flying!

    Nice set.
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    Potential edit?

    Nice shot of interesting clouds.
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    Overlooking the Valley

    Nice shot.