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    Vintage Film

    im really diggin the vintage look. what about Porta 400NC underexposed and then pushed? Thats what a photo friend recomended to me, but i wasnt so sure.
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    Vintage Film

    any other films?
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    Vintage Film

    35mm? alright, looking it up now. thanks.
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    Vintage Film

    What film would get the look acheived here? Im leaving to Mexico for 2 weeks in two weeks, and id like to have a film like this on hand. thanks in advance -Chris
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    Resizing in photoshop.

    allright. Is there any downside to adding pixels?
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    Resizing in photoshop.

    allright, so its not actually mathmatically adding pixels to my images?
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    Resizing in photoshop.

    So I was messing around with a few images today in 1st period, and i accidentally entered 500ppi without changing the image size. i thought it would just have some sort of error message but it accepted. I didnt have the original image to compare it to, but i thought i noticed a slight increase...
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    Black and White

    thats easy. convert to greyscale and put the contrast at 100%
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    Canon Ultra Wide.. which lenz to go with?

    Canon. spending the extra 200 is worth it from what ive heard. I pulled the trigger on it monday night. gets here soon!
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    Camera recommendations for a poor beginner :)

    litium-ion batterys hold charge longer.
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    Camera recommendations for a poor beginner :)

    im actually in flower mound (if you know where that is), but to give people a general idea where i am i just put dallas. this is an all Canon forum: and i almost garuntee (spelling?) you could fing a 10D on there for $300. Then buy a Canon 50mm f1.8 for...
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    Camera recommendations for a poor beginner :)

    what about film? You can get a nice film camera for around $100. Buy a used Canon Elan 7e from adorama, and it will leave you with enough money for a decent lense. I love my Elan.
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    ALERT: Scammer on the forum

    thank you for the heads up.
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    WTB: Canon Lens ill sell you a kit lense for $30
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    Sigma 2x Tele Converter With Canon Mount
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    FS: Canon 30D BG-E2 grip,Batteries,430ex for the BG-E2 Grip?
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    Canon lenses. Great for Begginers.

    Allright, lets get right down to it... Canon 70-210 f4 $130 (nice image quality right?) haha. Its in perfect condition. Not a scratch on it. $150 for me to include a Canon 18-55 kit lense. I don't do paypal. Ive used it twice and been scammed twice. I really just want to get rid of this...
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    Is it art?

    "Art Is Whatever You Want It To Be"
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    Image size

    allright cool.