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  1. railman44

    Australian Bird eating spider, feeding

    Animals die so others can live. If it were me I'd put a 5.56 through that spider in a heart-beat...
  2. railman44

    I did it! I'm thrilled! (several pictures)

    Very cool shots!
  3. railman44

    Artistic nudes **Contains Nudity - NOT WORKSAFE**

    I like both. The shading was either well thought out or lucky...
  4. railman44

    Having a devil of a time with a Nikkor micro lens.

    Everything is set to manual. Still I get the EE message in the viewfinder.
  5. railman44

    Having a devil of a time with a Nikkor micro lens.

    I guess my problem is my D70 won't let me shoot manually. It keeps giving me an error message.
  6. railman44

    Having a devil of a time with a Nikkor micro lens.

    Bought a used Nikkor 60mm macro lens and having a terrible time with it. Of course, no instruction manual. On manual, the camera doesn't let me do what I want and on AF the sharpness isn't there. Can anyone help?
  7. railman44

    A day at the office

    Yep, the inside of a CB&Q steam locomotive cab. So sad it's just rusting away...
  8. railman44

    A day at the office

  9. railman44

    Which DSLR Should I Get? Help Needed!

    Nothing wrong with Canon or their optics but I would at least check out the Nikon D70s. I use a D70 and it has performed great thus far...
  10. railman44

    Nikon Macro lenses

    My Nikkor 60mm was $271 on eBay. Yeah, it's slightly used but a real savings...
  11. railman44

    Just bought a Nikkor 60mm Nikon micro lens.

    It's used and of course no manual. Any tricks to this lens? I would think someone on this board has one... Thanks.
  12. railman44

    Does anyone know of

    an address of a site that sells repro lens manuals? Thanks.
  13. railman44

    Macro with a D70

    What lens would you suggest for crisp close-up work with a Nikon D70?
  14. railman44

    down to three cameras

    I've read about some Canon lens issues with a 10D. You'd be covered with a 20D. Tough to go wrong with a D70, D70s or Canon 20D.
  15. railman44

    Camera suggestions

    In my mind it's tough to go wrong with Nikon or Canon. You may have to up your $800 figure a bit but you'll be getting a camera you will enjoy for many years.
  16. railman44

    Christmas in August

    Nice colors. You bought a very nice camera. Hope to see more of your work!
  17. railman44

    Death Valley

    I like 'em. Hope to see more of your work!
  18. railman44

    slow water

    Was that shot taken in Syracuse? Cool shot!
  19. railman44

    How to fall off a horse...

    Very nice action shots! I'm surprised the horse didn't fall too.
  20. railman44

    happy and sad (portraits)

    She'll be a problem with that smile. Both very good looking kids...