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  1. yahgiggle

    April 2019 Photo of the Month Winner

    Fantastic photo well done on the win :-)
  2. yahgiggle

    Cape Palliser LightHouse

    i have that one lol but thats for another day
  3. yahgiggle

    Cape Palliser LightHouse

  4. yahgiggle

    Shades of star

  5. yahgiggle

    Sitovo Waterfall

    Nominated for this months Photo of the Month, good luck D7K May 2019 Photo of the Month Nominations
  6. yahgiggle

    May 2019 Photo of the Month Nominations

    Sitovo Waterfall By D7K Sitovo Waterfall
  7. yahgiggle

    Under the long colored cloud

    this spot is 15min away from my house so have been a number of times and have a number of angles taken, also will be doing more shots there as well :)
  8. yahgiggle

    I am trying to understand landscape i took a couple

    not all zooms are the same, some have all the moving parts built into the lens so when they move all movement is inside the housing with only the air inside the lens moving, but yes the zoom lens that get longer do indeed suck air in, the more pro type lens do have better dust prevention than...
  9. yahgiggle

    Old But not forgotten

    Tokomaru bay wharf found in the north island of New Zealand is an old wharf built around 1912 and was used by the meat-freezing works near by witch also lays in ruins, the wharf is now closed to the public as its deemed dangerous
  10. yahgiggle

    36 sec of Lido

    Awesome long exposure :heartpump:
  11. yahgiggle

    Land's End sunset

    Another very nice landscape/seascape :-)
  12. yahgiggle

    Sitovo Waterfall

    Very nice indeed :heartpump::heartpump::heartpump:
  13. yahgiggle

    Under the long colored cloud

  14. yahgiggle

    That church again

    yep as you get to know me your start to realize i have a thing for church's sorry but i cannot help myself they are just to dam cool oO
  15. yahgiggle

    NiSi Testing @ The Sea

    love the colors and the clear still water, but the out of focus pier keeps bugging me, the ghosts on the pier i kind of like but would have been much better if you set your tripod higher and back a little just enough for you to get everything in focus and also so that rock does not block off...
  16. yahgiggle

    Warm Soul

    Yeah you often get that when shooting into the sun, btw I don't not like HDR too just don't ever do it myself
  17. yahgiggle

    Warm Soul

    Nope just a single shot
  18. yahgiggle

    I am trying to understand landscape i took a couple

    I guess landscapes are more about slowing everything down rather than shooting everything fast and wide open, most landscapes are shot between f4 - f8 and I hardy never go anywhere without a 10 stop filter
  19. yahgiggle

    I am trying to understand landscape i took a couple

    For me sitting for a horizon all depends on the sky at the time if there's no cloud and is a boring sky there is no point of having half the picture of blue sky, the area that you shot in the photo above, seems like it could be a really interesting area but keep power lines out of your shot and...
  20. yahgiggle

    I am trying to understand landscape i took a couple

    Sometime people will say they like your photos because well the photos look ok, but one has to ask are you wanting to take ok photos or photos that are amazing ?, i have to be honest but don't be offended its just my opinion and definitely don't give up, here it goes, to me these photos are...