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    My time in Malaysia

    Great set of pictures. I always love pictures taken in another country.
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    Todays Assignment - Capture Life

    The color on the first shot is amazing. What post processing did you apply to it?
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    Beginner (pic)

    I went out the day I bought my XT and just started snapping pictures of my car also. I took about 200 shots and came back with not one keeper. How much do you know about exposure? The WB is way off on that exposure. Are you shooting in Manual mode?
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    Sorry, another question about which camera...

    Yes, as long as it's a Nikon lens or made to fit Nikon DSLR's it'll work. So don't worry about having to sell the lens when you decide to get rid of the D40.
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    Do I need a DSLR?

    I, too, made the same mistake. I didn't know much about cameras but always loved photography. I went out and bought a Sony S2 IS powershot. Soon enough I felt the camera was holding me back and I needed to get a DSLR to really get serious about learning exposure. I bought a Rebel XT about a...
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    Where can you find that?
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    FS - Canon Powershot S2 IS + 1gig SanDisk Ultra 2 mem card.

    I'm selling a Canon S2 IS Powershot 5 megapixel. It's an awesome point and shoot and is in great condition. Comes with original box / papers and a 1gig SanDisk Ultra 2 memory card.
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    Bored at home.

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    Does anyone have any useful links to a tutorial on how to convert a picture to HDR with Paintshop Pro?
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    Buying my first DSLR, good deal?

    I ended up buying the camera for $500. The only thing it didn't come with that I needed to buy was a memory card. Stupid me I went out and bought a regular SD card instead of a CF one, haha. I'm loving the camera, though. It's providing a real good platform for me to learn on. Thanks again!
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    First shots w/ Canon Rebel XT. Critique my flickr!

    Thanks for the tips. So I'm heading in the right direction?
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    I swear this is not Photoshoped!

    I'd be scared if I were you.
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    That's a good idea. :thumbup:
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    please need your answers....

    I'm pretty sure it won't work.
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    What seem to be working for me.....

    I'm having the same problem. I got my first DSLR two days ago and am forcing myself to use M mode 24/7. I take 200 shots and maybe like 5 of them. The other 195 are blurry/grainy/over or underexposed. Lol.
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    New Guy. New Camera. New Pics.

    Wow, I really like these shots. I just recently got my first DSLR also. Fun isn't it?
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    Uploading pictures from camera to computer.

    that's what i need! thanks!
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    Uploading pictures from camera to computer.

    My gf's uncle had a card reader / hard drive. He bought it in Korea but I haven't seen any here in the states. He'd take it around with him, and when his CF card was full he'd just pop it into the portable USB drive/card reader and upload all the pics into that. Anyone seen anything like this?
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    First shots w/ Canon Rebel XT. Critique my flickr!

    This is my first DSLR and I've been messing with it non-stop since I've gotten it two days ago. Constructive criticism is appreciated and please give me any tips that you think could improve my shots. I can't get the images to work on the site so my flickr account is below. Thanks! :thumbup...
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    Is there something wrong with my camera? Please help

    Higher ISO causes the grainy looking pictures but is good for low light shots.