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  1. Phil the Photographer

    B&W C+C please!

    Comments and criticism please!
  2. Phil the Photographer

    Think they'll but the rights?

    Ok, Just last night I began taking some still lifes in room of two things: 1) Green apples, 2) Westbrae natural organic black beans. Now, I'm wondering if Westbrae would possibly buy the rights for my photographs. I've already contacted them. Think I've got a shot? Please tell me if any pp...
  3. Phil the Photographer

    Still life apples

    Please comment on my still lifes!:)
  4. Phil the Photographer

    These any good?

    Hi all, these are pics of my bathroom light, (random I know) like 'em?
  5. Phil the Photographer

    Don't mess with hellcats! (applys to fish too!)

    lol, my too cats Princess and Tom Sir cat (long name lol i know). Tom is the white/cream one, princess is the dirty colored fur.
  6. Phil the Photographer

    Abstract by Phil

    Crtique and praise please!:)
  7. Phil the Photographer

    Landscape/Abstract pic market in NJ

    Does anyone know anything 'bout the landscape/abstract market in NJ?
  8. Phil the Photographer

    A Rusty Landscape

    Like it? (I used Picasa photo editor). Also, do you think it's sellable?
  9. Phil the Photographer

    Could somebody please explain this to me?

    Ok, I'm looking to make my hobby into a business and once I start selling, what is a photography copywright? Do I need to worry about it? I thought a copywright was for like inventions and stuff like that, forgive my arrogance.:blushing::(
  10. Phil the Photographer

    Critique please!

    Critique and praise please!
  11. Phil the Photographer


  12. Phil the Photographer

    to Photoshop or not to photoshop, that is the question.

    To photoshop or not to photoshop, that is the question. UPDATE: When I started this poll I was almost completly agaist PP, you've made me see reason, thanks!
  13. Phil the Photographer

    Eco-Friendly photo printing

    Any tips on eco-friendly photo printing?
  14. Phil the Photographer

    Pic pricing (and other things)

    UPDATE: I might offer to use a more pricey frame for more $$, whats a good amount for custom framing like that? Hi, Phil hear with another stuipid question! What are some good pricing figures for framed 8.5" x 11" photographs? At first I was thinking that I should sell my photos $30.00...
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  16. Phil the Photographer

    Landscape pic pricing

    CLOSED-made a new thread
  17. Phil the Photographer

    Lumix Panasonic shutter speed

    Is the shutter speed on the Lumix Panasonic digi's (DMC-LZ7) adjustable? If so, please tell me how!
  18. Phil the Photographer

    Jersey Beauty (with a hint of the birkshires!)

    My best landscapes: (critique and praise please!)
  19. Phil the Photographer

    Setting up a photograh portfolio

    Does anyone here have any tips for setting up a physical portfolio for my work? (Looking to start part-time business)