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    For Sale: Nikkor 600mm f4 AF-S ED VR

    Much loved lens in excellent condition complete with carry case and comes with wimberley head foot (also have the tripod + head for sale). Some marks on the hood and carry case but optics are dust free and all in working order. £4,995 collection from West Sussex, could meet half way or I am in...
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    Nikon to Canon.. should I swap?

    D800 is a studio camera through and through, also who needs 24mp?! The a second hand-D3 or D3s will serve you well in any situation.
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    WTB: P40 plate or alternative

    I'm looking for a Wimberley P40 plate in the Uk (or shipping to UK). Contact me via PM
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    200mm f/4D Micro-Nikkor and the x2 TC?

    I don't have sigma TCs though!
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    200mm f/4D Micro-Nikkor and the x2 TC?

    Cheers for that Derrel, had a look at those but thought I would ask anyway! You would indeed! Off to Madagascar in July and was looking for a macro lens, I'm going to pick up a 105mm f/2.8 and stick a 2x TC on it.
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    200mm f/4D Micro-Nikkor and the x2 TC?

    So wondered if any knows if the 200mm f/4D micro can fit onto the x2 TC? I know the AF won't work but will it fit? I think the elements might be in the wrong place.
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    What about Scotland?

    They can have independence! They'll go bankrupt pretty quickly when the oil runs out though...
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    Time to upgrade: D7000 or D300s?

    The D300s will be replaced within the next 8 months if not within the next month, the D7000 won't be supersede for atleast another 18 months. So on that basis alone I would go for the D7000. From what I've read the D300s has equally good ISO performance as the D7000.
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    Really UPS... Really?

    So I ordered myself a new laptop and this sarga unfolded. My laptop is more travelled than I am!
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    Photojournalism going rates?

    Actually its not.
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    Movie Review: Apollo 18

    Why is it bad?
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    Are you a Photo Nerd?

    DSC_0952 Nothing wrong with taking your DSLR into the water ^^
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    My first film!

    As some of you may know I worked at the the beginning of the summer for a company that produces wildlife documentaries as an Edit Assistant. I then went to Skomer to film my own shortly afterwards, well I've played with it for a while and I'm not 100% happy with the footage but I thought I'd...
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    Just bought my first car!

    You should have used a polarising filter to remove the glare...
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    I've edited most of my Arctic Fox shots from Iceland, I'm slowly putting together a few other projects but until then I thought I'd share a few more shots from Iceland. #1 Piercing D3s / 600mm f4 VR / 1.4x #2 Stuck D3s / 600mm f4 VR / 1.4x C&C always appreciated
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    What is your shooting set up?

    I <3 Pelican Cases
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    Sound problems - computers

    They were up to date, it's the first thing I checked.
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    Sound problems - computers

    I think it must be a RAM problem, it seems that my Sound is taking up to much on the resource front.... Now how on earth do I fix this?