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  1. Campbell

    Night trails on highway (First attempt, odd story)

    First attempt at night trails: EXIF: 76mm 8 sec f/13 ISO 100 I had some free time tonight so I figured I'd finally get myself out onto the highway and try taking some shots. After driving for a bit I found a nice spot that I thought would be good for capturing what I wanted, so I went off...
  2. Campbell

    Duck, Duck...

    I was eating lunch and saw this guy wandering around outside. EXIF: 200mm f/6.3 1/125 sec ISO 160 C&C welcome.
  3. Campbell

    Buying my first filter...

    Hey everyone. I'm looking to buy my first filter (67mm) and am not sure exactly where to start. I'm leaning towards a polarizer or UV since that seems convenient for everyday use, but I don't know how I am supposed to distinguish between all of the filters that are available. I want to go with...
  4. Campbell

    Challenge Air: My first event

    Hey everyone. Every year an event is held at a local airport called "Challenge Air". It is a nationwide program that lets volunteer pilots take mentally and physically handicapped kids and adults up in their Cessna airplanes. What makes it so fun is the pilots let the children have the...
  5. Campbell

    New lens... trouble deciding.

    Hey everyone. I'm looking to get a new lens for my E-500 and am having some trouble deciding on what's best for me. I want one with a small focal length, with my 50-200mm I feel like I have all my telephoto needs covered. I really have been wanting a macro lens, but also want to be able to use...
  6. Campbell

    Orange Rose

    Just tried some adjustments with the aperture, ISO, WB, and all that jazz and got the background a little more to my liking. C&C welcome :D
  7. Campbell

    Lonely rose (sorry about that)
  8. Campbell

    Just built my first light box. I was pretty intrigued by making a homemade light box just for fun, so I did a little research online and found a great site I thought I'd share. It's not like making one is very hard, but figured that people like me who think its harder than...
  9. Campbell

    What to pack for a trip in the mountains?

    In 2 weeks I'm going to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for some snowboarding, but on one of the days I'll be taking a snowmobile excursion into the mountains to take some photos. I just got a Lowepro backpack for the occasion and am trying to think of everything I should pack. Right now all I can think...
  10. Campbell

    Palm Beach Zoo, FL [Peacock and Prairie Dog]

    This was my first trip to a zoo with my camera. I didn't get too many shots I liked even though I took about 180 shots, so here are the only two shots I thought were worth sharing. C&C is appreciated. 1 2
  11. Campbell

    Skimboarders [Destin, FL]

    1 2 3 4 C&C is appreciated.
  12. Campbell

    Destin, FL [Beach]

    I went up to north Florida for the holidays to see some family and on one of the days we took a trip to the beach. This was one of my first opportunities to see what my new 50-200 could do and I was pretty happy with the shots I got. These were my favorite of the bunch- C&C is appreciated. 1...
  13. Campbell


    This was one of my first shots with my new 50-200mm. Pretty happy with the sharpness and quality of the shots so far, let me know what you think. The second one is the original, the only difference between the two is I cropped the first one. Not sure which one I like more, input is appreciated...
  14. Campbell


  15. Campbell

    Garden snake

    Didn't have much time to shoot it because it was jittery with me right there, but I was happy with this shot.
  16. Campbell

    Lens Advice: 50mm and 50-200mm

    Hey everyone. I have some extra money on my hands and am looking to invest it into my camera. That said, I'm really wanting to get a couple new lenses so I can get into portrait and macro shooting. I also want a telephoto one with a long zoom so I can do effective wildlife photography. With that...
  17. Campbell

    Is this the lens for me?

  18. Campbell

    Late Night Waterworks- NEED C&C!

    This is my first time trying something like this and am not too sure what to think of it. Please give me some criticism and advice on what I can do to make it more appealing. Thanks!
  19. Campbell

    Getting into portrait photography, help!

    Hey everyone. I'm looking into straying away from photographing my routine nature scenes so that I can get a little into doing portraits with some of my female friends. Unfortunately, I am not only new to photography in general, but I have no experience with doing 1 on 1 photo shoots. I've done...
  20. Campbell

    Bully the Bulldog

    1 2 3 These are my first shots where I manually set all of the settings, so all comments and criticisms are encouraged. Thanks :)