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    Read through the top of pg. 2...

    Coyote Recipes? - Forums
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    How many people here have done a sourdough starter? How many have done one from wild yeast? I was thinking about trying it out just for fun and was wondering if anyone had any tips?
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    You may be right I may be crazy

    But hey it just may be sauerkraut and bratwurst pizza with bleu cheese dressing as the sauce you're looking for...
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    Real music

    I'm trying to find some of those songs out there that do what music is supposed to do the kind that, like all great art, force you to feel something, something that pulls at your heartstrings, something that lifts you up or smashes you down. It's a lot to ask but I think it is possible to find...
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    Job search

    Searching for a job sucks especially when you have a field in mind that you want to work in. Looks like I'm going to have to work some odd jobs until something in my field rolls around that might work. Of course almost having my BA and wanting to go on don't help either.
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    People actually pay for computers

    I just got another free computer today this one is even from the current generation. Of course I'm going to actually spend some money upgrading it.
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    +1 pet of awesomeness

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    Flashpoint II 320A

    Just received my first monolight today. I bought the beginner kit which comes with a light stand and an umbrella. I'll have to say it came with better accessories than I had expected including a 10ft air cusioned light stand and a 40" umbrella which converts from a reflective to a shoot...
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    Possible way to make critique section work

    I was on another forum and I noticed a habit some of the better photographers on there had whenever offering critique they posted an image of their own as a sort of credential. I was thinking that this might be an interesting way to get the critique section back up. Require people to have a...
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    50mm f1.8 Series e + 200mm f4 AI

    So some fungus on the 200mm f4 but looks like it will be easy to clean once I get my Ultra precision screwdrivers (tiny hole to get at screw through) (price was right at $25 (right for me at least). 50mm came free with the other lens focus ring is stuck and I can't seem to get the retainer ring...
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    Sometimes I get these urges...

    Like right now I have this incredibly strong urge to take some of my worst pictures PP the crap out of them and post them on MM and seeing if any models/photographers reply with the "Great snaps" that you get so often posting pictures online. Also have an urge to post a personals ad on...
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    Lighting kits

    I think I found what I would like for a monolight to play with. The only problem is this hasn't been in stock for the last couple of months. Anybody know of anything of comparable price and features that might actually be available. I've seen a few no-name strobes on e-bay that seem to fit...
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    Snakes + color.

    A friend of mine has a substantial collection of pet/breeder snakes that he would like photographs of the most important consideration in doing this is getting relatively accurate color as he will be breeding a variety of morphs (different than average color snakes) that he would like to be...
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    Large format outfit finally complete

    On Monday the last part of my large format setup will arrive thanks to Epatsellis and Alpha for good prices on the lens and body respectively and although he doesn't post here thanks to Dlin from apug for the great prices on the film holders I can't wait until they get here from my parent's house.
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    Pandora Stations list

    What are your Pandora radio stations? What plays on them? Me: Elton John: Haven't messed with it much. Bright Eyes: I should probably get rid of this one not listened to much. Blind Guardian: Pretty much exclusively power metal. Bad Religion: Added Flogging Molly to make sure it was in there...
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    Possibly the most depressing song ever

    Cats in the cradle (Harry Chapin)...
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    Scary possibility.

    A friend of mine is considering getting married and as he is still in college the plan is doing it super cheap. I have this odd feeling they might ask me to do the photography. This idea scares the living crap out of me as I don't think I'm anywhere near capable of doing it. As the cost of a...
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    Ummmm Oops...

    I guess it isn't a big oops but it is an oops. I placed a bid on a Fed 5b that I had assumed someone had already placed a higher bid on seems like $26 after shipping took the auction...
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    Would you post something like this craigslist ad? Maybe I'm way off base but it seems like an ad for someone that bought themselves a D40 and now thinks they're a professional, or am I just over judgemental?
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    My first 4x5 body just arrived today :D Now I have to figure out lenses and film holders which I MIGHT have figured out (I'm having troubles deciding between a 210mm from a guy on APUG and a 150mm convertible from one of our own).