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  1. CherylL

    Mom Life

    A composite I made for my daughter Mom Life by Cheryl, on Flickr
  2. CherylL


    I was able to get a few shots before this week's rain storms. It was fairly windy so a challenge to get good focus. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Magnolia by Cheryl, on Flickr
  3. CherylL

    Baby Quincy & Big Quincy

    A composite. Quincy was tiny then and still on the small side today. Baby Quincy Big Quincy by Cheryl, on Flickr
  4. CherylL

    Baby Oscar Big Oscar

    A composite Baby Oscar Big Oscar by Cheryl, on Flickr
  5. CherylL

    Flowers and Fairy Lights

    The base was black posterboard with an acrylic piece on top. The acrylic was from an old cheap art type frame. The background was a black foam board. Used the bar light on an LED flashlight with 2 tissues to diffuse. 1. 2. 3. 4. changed to a Lensbaby Twist lens 5. The set up
  6. CherylL

    Valentine Schnauzers 2022

    The photos were taken in 3 sessions that were at the most 15 minutes each which included brushing, scarf and directing them into place. I had my settings dialed in and ready to go. The day before I took test shots with a large stuffed animal. The pups were watching me all week set up and that...
  7. CherylL

    On Watch

    On Watch by Cheryl, on Flickr
  8. CherylL

    Schnauzer Xmas 2021

    The pups like their new wagon. I practiced with them each day for about 2 minutes getting them to climb in the wagon and sit. Lots of treats! Schnauzer Xmas 2022 by Cheryl, on Flickr
  9. CherylL

    Holiday Photo Ideas

    I saw these ideas on TikTok from a photographer 1. Wreath made from a dollar store. I wired the ornaments to the inside of the hoop wreath. Next time I would use a longer focal length to get the wreath smaller. I used the 50mm for these shots. 2. Paper over a hula hoop. I carefully...
  10. CherylL

    Canon R6

    I traded in my Canon 5D mark iii for the R6 Saturday. Shot a set of Halloween photos and happy with the AF on the R6. Set the camera to eye detect & servo. Used the screen to set up my shot and tap the screen for the focus point area and it latched onto the eye. I have the control ring...
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    Fall Evening Shadow

    Fall Evening Shadow by Cheryl, on Flickr
  12. CherylL

    Schnauzer Halloween 2021

    I had not planned to do a Halloween shoot this year, but I found the scarves from last year I used with the grands. The set up was a tri-poster board with a sheet clipped on for the backdrop. Natural window light. The pups do best when they have an assigned seat or area and they seem to like...
  13. CherylL

    Last Blooms

    I normally do not convert to black/white so any C&C is appreciated. Both photos were shot with the sky washed out background. 1. Last bloom 1 by Cheryl, on Flickr 2. Last bloom 2 by Cheryl, on Flickr
  14. CherylL

    Industrial Post-Apocalyptic Photo session

    My local photography group was invited by the Steampunk Society for a photo session. The group did a great job posing. There were about a dozen photographers and some had light stands. I had to shoot inbetween people most of the time. Everyone was gracious to back out of the way for others...
  15. CherylL

    Fuji X-T4 touch screen and focus point

    I've had the X-T4 for over a year now after trading in my X-T2. I turned the touch screen off right away. Now I'm wondering if I am missing out on using the touch screen to move the single focus point? I saw a tut recently for the Canon R6 where the person was using the drag method with her...
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    Stalker? by Cheryl, on Flickr
  17. CherylL

    Portraits - photo meet up group

    My local photo group has meet ups with models every so often. This is the first one I attended. There were maybe 15 people total. This was the first time the women modeled. Most people in the group are hobbyist. C&C welcome Canon 5Dmarkiii, 135mm. Shot f/2.2, ISO 250, shutter speed varied...
  18. CherylL

    The Triplets

    A few babies living under the porch. I tried to get their photo this morning, but the window had a glare. Cleaned off the window and threw out some bait. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  19. CherylL

    Photoshop cc2021 changes

    I may be going crazy because I've resized a .psd file and did a "Save As" to .jpg many times for years. The last week or so I can't do that so was using the Batch function in Bridge to resize and save one photo. After clicking on a few things on the UI panel of saving from Photoshop a message...
  20. CherylL

    Bird show

    I am not a birder. Taken with the 90mm 1. Bird show by Cheryl, on Flickr 2. Bird show 2 by Cheryl, on Flickr