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  1. Big Bully

    Hi... I'm popping in...

    Well I am just the biggest loser.. I have been absent for so long that I have noticed a ton of changes! Sorry for my absence... How is every one?!
  2. Big Bully

    First Family Portrait Session

    I had the opportunity to shoot a big family get together for their first full family portrait. I am not a professional by any means, but I did have a good time.
  3. Big Bully

    Do you think this is Legit???

    I got this email on my myspace page, and I was wondering what you guys think about it. The guy is one of my "friends" on my myspace, aka added today and then sent me this letter.. What do you think? Hi Meg ! I am a photographer and Model Scout contracted from time to time by different...
  4. Big Bully

    The Game

    You Just Lost... The Game Rules of the Game: -You are always playing The Game -You can never Win, you can only Lose. -Whenever you think about The Game, you lose. -When you lose, you have to announce "I Lost" no matter where you are when you lost The Game, and then explain the rules of the game...
  5. Big Bully

    Starting early

    I know I know, this isn't a photo, but it is a video. And I just had to show off my little boy playing basketball (this was his first year playing)! He is the white player #10... aka with the ball... Sorry just being a proud mommy for a sec. :mrgreen: YouTube - 3rd time's a charm!
  6. Big Bully

    Thread Updates

    For some reason I am not getting my thread update emails. I have been to my User CP and changed all of my subscriptions to instant. But still no emails. Any ideas?
  7. Big Bully

    Assignment '08-'09 -CELEBRATE- due Jan 16

    We are about to ring in a New Year. Which in some cases is cause to celebrate. For some, this was a hard year to get through, others may have had it easy. But we are starting a brand new year, so show us how you celebrated the New Year. Happy New Year everyone!
  8. Big Bully

    Assignments 08- Holidays 2008- Due after your holiday season

    This thread is brought to you by one of our new members tharmsen. The assignment is Holidays. How do you spend your holidays? Is there something cool, unique or special to you that you do with your families and/or friends? Please share with us your holiday photos. Merry Christmas and Happy New...
  9. Big Bully

    Assignment '08- Light and Darkness- Due Whenever

    This assignment is combining two elements "Light and Dark" You can choose one or the other or use both elements in your photos. Have fun, use creativity and try to use new photos for the assignment. But if you need to repost go ahead.
  10. Big Bully


    I just wanted to take a minute and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I wish you have a happy and safe holiday. :hug::
  11. Big Bully

    08 Assignment- ABSTRACT-Anytime

    This assignment is for you to create anything abstract. Whether it be a reflection, a distortion, macro, whatever. Use your imagination and creativity. I look forward to your shots. Happy shooting!
  12. Big Bully

    Underwater Photography

    I just saw the coolest shots ever, of people underwater. Does anyone know the materials I would need to shoot underwater? I know the person who did the shot with a Cannon... EOS? Something. So would any camera work for these shots? How would I protect the camera from the water and still pull off...
  13. Big Bully

    Photo Assignment '08-COLD- Due Whenever

    Well as stated in the title this project is due whenever. It is a wide/broad topic, to help people to use their imaginations and to look outside the box. COLD can mean a variety of things, so have fun with it. :mrgreen: Remember to post your own images and to post new images. Have fun and I am...
  14. Big Bully


    I might get my butt kicked but MonkeyKoder's birthday was on Oct 19th. And of course no one knew.. So Happy Belated birthday MK!!! And everyone write it on your calendars!!!
  15. Big Bully

    My Girlfriend- NSFW!

    Well I was recently in a photoshoot, here are some of the shots that we came up with. C&C Welcome. There are some that I know have white balance issues. But we did what we could.
  16. Big Bully

    Photo Assignment 08- HALLOWEEN- Due Nov. 15

    Halloween is coming, and I know that I am getting ready for it. How do you see Halloween? Is it scary, fun, dangerous, or a time to play pranks? I know Chiller is going to have a ton of photos to post in this thread!! Remember to post your own work. You can post new as well as old shots, so...
  17. Big Bully

    Knockin on 5000!!!

    Lookie lookie I am almost at 5000 posts! Yippee....:lmao:
  18. Big Bully

    08 Assignment-YELLOW- Due October 15 or whenever

    Well we have done the other colors, Red, Green and Blue seems to be the popular color right now. So how about the color Yellow. Anything you want to photograph that is yellow works for this assignment. Remember to use your own shots, and to post new works in here for this assignment. The due...
  19. Big Bully

    Assignment '08- FALL- Due Sept 30

    Well the seasons are almost starting to change. School is starting which means for most people the summer is over. This assignment is to depict Fall in creative ways. Whether it means something is falling or changing of leaves. Have fun and enjoy. As always please post new pictures. Have fun...
  20. Big Bully

    Fair Time

    I took this shot last night at the Idaho State Fair. Thank you for looking.