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  1. DPW2007


    I'll be up for this - as soon as a firm date has been specified I would gladly go along. David
  2. DPW2007

    I like your mother very much

    Thank you very much for the congratulations :) David
  3. DPW2007


    That's it!! That definitely is it!! Thanks for that trip to nostalgia...what a tune!! Anyway, I ought to be retiring to bed soon. Far too much walking today with Pete and Steve. David
  4. DPW2007


    I must admit I was probably rattling on about personalities star signs last night a bit much.. but only because I knew it would annoy Steve and yourself a lot...:fangs: Haha! David
  5. DPW2007


    Hmm Pete has just told me that it could be Frankie goes to hollywood but I really do not know!!! David
  6. DPW2007

    A heads up!

    Well, I am pleased to say my clunky javascript/css/html based web site has now been replaced with a swish flash set up. I am still making a backup-html web site for those of us who do not have flash capabilities on our computers/browsers. Anyways, web site is still the same...
  7. DPW2007


    Reminds me of a song..I have now idea who did it at this present moment in time but it was something like 'Sexy Boy...' amongst other words - probably sometime in the 1990s... anyone can shed some light? Maybe Garbage? David
  8. DPW2007

    I like your mother very much

    dabe says Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  9. DPW2007

    I like your mother very much

    Yes I am the David in question..and I had not tried this bloody awful wine before... so I am drinking to a new job and to the company of friends. Crikey I am a very fast typer owing to how quickly I typed this little paragraph out. David
  10. DPW2007

    The song title game

    Spirit - Bauhaus
  11. DPW2007

    Magnifying Glass - Amusing!

    Haha, definitely fun shots, made me laugh!! David
  12. DPW2007

    Fly me a river

    Nice close-up here! I do not believe I have ever managed to catch one of these blighters closeup. David
  13. DPW2007

    Little Blighters!

    hehe, nice capture here! David
  14. DPW2007

    Easter processions

    I like number four and number one. Especially number four. Great exposure in both cases and good captures. David
  15. DPW2007

    Anti war demo in London 15/03

    Good captures - the black and white really suits. David
  16. DPW2007


    The colours seem faded on this shot, did this come straight out the camera? Aside from that, a good pose and capture. David
  17. DPW2007

    Blue Herons and Geese

    Number four is my favourite. Great curves and perspective on this one. David
  18. DPW2007

    Natura Artis Magistra...

    Gorgeous shots - very nice bokeh on these too. First and last ones are my favourite. David
  19. DPW2007

    Kualau Rompin, Pahang - Malaysia

    Number 1 is simply amazing. Brilliant shot - nice capture! David
  20. DPW2007

    The Mrs, and Me

    I like these - especially three and four. David