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  1. Double H

    Shooting weddings

    I spent a lot of time with this calculator before I left my teaching job to go fulltime with my business. Every few months the numbers got better and better, and more realistic. Very powerful tool, indeed.
  2. Double H

    Shooting weddings

    Perhaps this is what I should have posted. Plug in your own numbers and let the link do the math. Cost of doing business calculator
  3. Double H

    Shooting weddings

    Let's not over think this. The point of the piece was to simply educate someone on things to consider when asking about price. Put away your calculator.
  4. Double H

    Self portrait

    Feels too dense.
  5. Double H

    Shooting weddings

    Sure, absolutely. This is a great breakdown, though. I've used for teaching purposes. I know I don't turn away any of the aforementioned jobs.
  6. Double H

    Shooting weddings

    Why Wedding Photographers' Prices are ?Wack? copied from above ...Dear Bride,I am a wedding photographer in the Erie, PA area. Wedding season only last about 4 months here, so I photograph an average of 20 weddings per year for an average of $2,500/wedding (which totals about $50,000/year)...
  7. Double H

    wedding question

    Between this far-too-lengthy thread, the one about newbies killing the biz, and some other one recently, I'd say there seems to be a whole lot of folks on here who feel the need to validate their own level of photographic know-how, and competence therein.
  8. Double H

    What is wrong with this?

    ...also, you could create a custom camera profile using a ColorChecker Pro swatch chart and Profile Maker, then use the profile in your RAW processing workflow. Profile Maker automatically installs it into Lightroom. And, as mentioned, shoot a grey card. Although, I have used auto-WB, and the...
  9. Double H

    Bright Shoes

    Shot one: watch the glare on the swoosh. I tend to favor very shallow DOF, but with a product like this, more shoe needs to be in focus. Overall lighting looks good, just that glare on the logo, which is easily fisxed with a slight tilt, or moving that light source slightly. Shot two: Same...
  10. Double H

    Post a picture of yourself

    Vy, ahm, chust dohn the rowt, nah vohnst. Non-PA-Dutch translation: "Why, I am just down the road, now once". The above photo is in my studio, 336 West King, downtown Lancaster. I live in West Lampeter. I was a teacher at Browsntown CTC, and had many students from Cocalico—your neck of the...
  11. Double H

    Post a picture of yourself

    Hi there, and there, and there, and...
  12. Double H

    Role of second shooter?

    When I hire a second shooter, I make it very clear what I want them to do, and where I want them to be, without stepping on their creativity. We work as a team, always opposite of each other, always capturing great moments from two different angles. Also, when I deliver the final images I...
  13. Double H

    Practicing on backlighting

    I don't think a flash would have made it better. It's nice the way it is. I'd almost like to see a bit more rear light. I see some catchlights in her eyes, but maybe you could dodge them a bit in post to make them really pop.
  14. Double H

    Professional Shoot - What to do?

    This may sting a bit... After viewing your tumblr site, I would say your work is sub par, at best. Here is why I feel that way; out of focus keyboard shots, overdone HDR, blown-out skies, underexposed subjects, unclear subjects, mostly snapshots, watermark is too intrusive. I think you should...
  15. Double H

    Some portraits of a girl C&C

    I feel the lighting is best in 1 and 4.
  16. Double H


    The dress should be white, not blue/red. Check your white balance. Consider a telephoto to get yourself farther away from your subject and shoot it wide open (ƒ2.8 or better). She seems a little stiff, uncomfortable. I really like the chair, and I feel it could have been used a lot more...
  17. Double H

    The Tattoo

    That is very impressive artwork. I'm 41 and recently got my first tattoo. I am in love with it. I want more.
  18. Double H

    Skateboard Park

    Skateparks are fun!
  19. Double H

    Rookies are killing the business!

    I agree with everything about your post, and I run my business in much the same way. I am fortunate that I have found a price-point that attracts the type of clients who understand you get what you pay for. My business is 80-90% referral.