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  1. Fiendish Astronaut

    What do I do now?

    Great shot! That is an option I may consider in future - and a good idea.
  2. Fiendish Astronaut

    What do I do now?

    Lawyer letter sent asking them to pay me and his (not inconsiderable) costs. It's from an established copyright lawyer who's a friend of my family - this could be fun to watch. Re: Flickr - why shouldn't I use such a site? It's sad that internet thieves should stop me being able to showcase my...
  3. Fiendish Astronaut

    What do I do now?

    Thanks for the replies everyone. re: the three months. To be honest I've been quite lax, and it's not a huge deal to me as the existence of that particular page is not damaging to me. However it is a point of principle - they can't just take photographers images like that and the practice of...
  4. Fiendish Astronaut

    What do I do now?

    A website of a well-known and large music venue has taken a watermarked image of mine from Flickr (where my license is set to all rights reserved) and used it in their live listings. I emailed them nearly three months ago to ask them politely to take it down. No response. So I emailed them...
  5. Fiendish Astronaut

    Taking the same scene with two different cameras

    I wouldn't use a tripod at all for exactly the reasons outlined above. I'd affix a slot that the camera fits tightly inside of on top of a level surface - though that might be a little more effort and might require some woodworking skills!
  6. Fiendish Astronaut

    You Don't Need ISO 1billion For Concert Photography

    Surely with a strobe going off you might as well break out the flash...
  7. Fiendish Astronaut

    Sandisk 2GB or Jessops 4GB?

    Does the Jessops card have a write speed fast enough for your camera? If you have a camera that creates big files and at a high fps then the Jessops card might slow you down if it's not fast enough. But I don't see how it will be any more unreliable than the Sandisk if that's what your worried...
  8. Fiendish Astronaut

    Backing up RAW files?

    I've never used Media Player to burn discs but I suspect it only wants to burn playable items like music or images. Since RAW files aren't playable in Media Player it doesn't want to burn them. Solution: use a proper CD burning program!
  9. Fiendish Astronaut

    Photo Contest?

    Just a suggestion but how about a sticky that people can post legitimate external photo competitions? (As long as it's not spam.) I guess some people would be in favour of this and others against it.
  10. Fiendish Astronaut

    Dealing with reflectors, no assistant, and wind

    You don't have to use a traditional reflector to reflect light effectively. Polystyrene would work but obviously that's light as well so might equally be effected by the wind. But you could nail that to a wooden frame or the top of an old table turned over to face your subject. Okay it's not...
  11. Fiendish Astronaut

    Stumbling Blocks

    Attitude. And I don't mean in the hip hop sense.
  12. Fiendish Astronaut

    Energy Theme..

    Movement = energy.
  13. Fiendish Astronaut

    I'm embarrassed to admit this...

    I think having the right stance helps but it's impossible to be a human spirit level. I think for posed shots - especially if there is architecture in the shot somewhere - it's pretty important to have a straight shot, but then there is the ability to rotate and crop in Photoshop. If you're...
  14. Fiendish Astronaut

    Argh! My eye!

    Thanks for the replies everyone. For the record - and for the benefit of anyone searching through these threads with the same problem - here's what's gone down... the other eye got infected - not suprising. So, with eyes very much like a zombie, I went to the doctors. He put luminous eyedrops...
  15. Fiendish Astronaut

    Argh! My eye!

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this but had an eye test on Friday got a clean bill of health. Then yesterday had a gunky eye, and today it's the area around my eye is all swollen and my eye is red. Waking up with it all stuck together and stuff. It's the eye I use to look through the...
  16. Fiendish Astronaut

    Burned out or caught up in nothing?

    I think it's difficult to remain creative whilst still learning the technical aspects. After a while you'll forget about the technical side because it will come to you naturally and your artistic side will begin to come back to you. I found that happening with me and I think it's a natural stage...
  17. Fiendish Astronaut

    How to get this background?

    I've got exactly this effect with a paper background, and two lights - one reflected off an umbrella to about 75 degrees to the subjects right and one slightly more powerful light in a softbox more to the front left (see where the shadow is in that picture above above). That's how I did it -...
  18. Fiendish Astronaut

    Why when i use Aperture Priority my fotos get dark?

    This is like a guessing game! How fun!!!
  19. Fiendish Astronaut

    Why when i use Aperture Priority my fotos get dark?

    I'm betting your ISO is set too low. When you go to portrait mode it is probably selecting the correct ISO but you have to set it yourself in A. That's only a guess though - you'll need to provide more details.
  20. Fiendish Astronaut

    Nikon vs. Canon

    Funnily enough I've just been searching for high ISO noise comaprisons between the Nikon D3 and the Canon 5DmkII as I've seen some amazingly clean shots taken with the Nikon taken at ISO 3200. (Yes I know the Nikon is much more expensive.) i kandi - you can try comparing the cameras image...