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  1. trapspeed

    FS - Canon Powershot S2 IS + 1gig SanDisk Ultra 2 mem card.

    I'm selling a Canon S2 IS Powershot 5 megapixel. It's an awesome point and shoot and is in great condition. Comes with original box / papers and a 1gig SanDisk Ultra 2 memory card.
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    Bored at home.

  3. trapspeed


    Does anyone have any useful links to a tutorial on how to convert a picture to HDR with Paintshop Pro?
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    First shots w/ Canon Rebel XT. Critique my flickr!

    This is my first DSLR and I've been messing with it non-stop since I've gotten it two days ago. Constructive criticism is appreciated and please give me any tips that you think could improve my shots. I can't get the images to work on the site so my flickr account is below. Thanks! :thumbup...
  5. trapspeed

    Uploading pictures from camera to computer.

    I have a Rebel XT and am using a USB cable that plugs into the camera to upload pics to my computer. I'm noticing it takes 10+ minutes to transfer 100 or so pictures. I get the initial popup asking if I want to select the pics or just download them but after that nothing else happens. Maybe 10...
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    Does it just take experience?..

    ... To know what Aperture/WB to use according to the environment? I just bought my first DSLR and noticed I have to take a pic three or four times before I get close to the colors I want to capture. I know for large/landscape pics I want to set the aperture wider or higher, which means I have to...
  7. trapspeed

    trapspeed's Info and Photo Trail.

    Hello everyone. Name's Adam. I currently live in California and have been into photography for a while. I've recently just took the next step and bought my first DSLR, upgrading from my Canon S2 IS. I just bought the following setup for $500.. What do ya think? Canon EOS Rebel XT - Canon...
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    FS: Canon Powershot S2 IS 5mp + 1gig Sandisk SD card

    Hey all. I'm selling my camera on eBay. Feel free to bid. PM me with any questions! Thanks. :thumbup:
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    Quick question about a lens addon I saw.

    This may be confusing as I'm having a hard time trying to find the words to explain it. Haha. A friend of mine's uncle has a Canon, not sure of the lens size but it was pretty big. Anyway, on the end of the lens he had a large shield which he explained "makes sure no sun strikes the lens." It...
  10. trapspeed

    Buying my first DSLR, good deal?

    Hello all. I'm moving up from my Canon Powershot S2 IS and looking to get into the DSLR business. I don't want to go all out yet, seeing how this will be my DSLR entry-level camera. I have a local seller who is selling the following: Canon EOS Rebel XT What is included in package: - Canon EOS...
  11. trapspeed

    Bought my first camera. Any tips?

    Hey everyone, I'm new to photography and just bought my first camera. I replaced my old Sony 3.2mp Cybershot recently and am looking forward to learning more about taking good shots. I just purchased a Canon S2 IS and a 512mb SD. How is this for a beginner camera? Do any of you know if any...