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    You may think that they are dressed like this because it's Halloween. However, in reality, that's how they dress all the time for shows. This is my husband's metal band called Dethlehem. We went to a friend's parent's farm this past weekend to borrow a horse for the shot. Well, the horse was not...
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    Train (from today)

    Hope you like!
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    Abandoned School Shoot--Route 666

    Me and some friends went away for the weekend to the mountains and while we were there, visited an old, abandoned school for a little photo shoot. The place was creepy as hell--dilapidated and full of the most random crap--not to mention located on Route 666. Seriously. Here are a few from the...
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    This is my friend's son. CC welcome.
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    Warped Tour--pic heavy!

    Here's a few from Warped Tour last week. Norma Jean The Devil Wears Prada Reel Big Fish Every Time I Die Pierce The Veil
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    Looking for some CC on the conversion. Thanks!
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    Cinematic Sunrise

    This is one of my favorite pics that I shot at this concert last week.
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    photogenic squirrel

    Squirrels don't usually like people much around here, but this little guy surprised me with how brave he was. He was about a foot away from me and just kept standing there posing for me.
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    Sky Wheel

    Just one from vacation. I'll probably post some more in the general gallery soon. The Sky Wheel on Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls.
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    Celebrity crushes

    We had this conversation a few weeks ago at work and had a good laugh about it. It was kind of interesting that no one chose a super popular celebrity like Brad Pitt, but, instead, athletes were very numerous on the list. My one male coworker said he'd like to have a bromance with one of the...
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    Band shots (warning:pic heavy!!)

    For my 6 month anniversary on TPF (I'm a little late--it was earlier this month), I wanted to share some of my favorite band shots over the last year and a half!! Hope you enjoy! 1. Avenged Sevenfold 2. Chiodos 3. Rise Against 4. Anti-Flag 5. AFI 6. The Classic Crime More...
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    Yard sale

    I am participating in a joint yard sale later this month at my friend's house. There will be several of us selling things in the empty lot beside her house (and I believe some of the neighbors are participating too at their own houses). Anyway, I don't have much to sell and was thinking about...
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    PNC Park

    Despite the fact that the Buccos of suck play there, the field sure is purdy. I've been wanting to take a night shot of PNC Park during a game and finally got down there Friday. What do ya think?
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    Pittsburgh—let's do this!

    Anyone down for this?
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    Inspired by Lyncca!

    My friends and I staged an over-dramatic Wii picture. Sorry about the watermark, I pulled it over from Flickr. (And try not to pay attention to the halos :er:) Good times.
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    Edward Scissorhands Tree

    I haven't posted anything in a while, so I figured I would share one from Easter. The pic has nothing at all to do with the holiday, but I visited my brother-in-law's family farm that day and came across this tree that looked sort of Tim Burton-ish. This was taken about a half hour before the...
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    Chelsie Crosby

    In this house, we are ALL Pittsburgh Penguins fans.
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    Photoshopped AFI

    Just wanted to share another one. CC welcome. original: photoshopped: Sorry about the watermark on the second image. It's straight from my flickr page.
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    Pretty cool or pretty lame?

    Just fiddling around a bit. What do you think? original: photoshopped:
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    Band shot

    I took this Friday at a concert...this is the lead singer of the band. Anyhow, I didn't use flash (I rarely like to when shooting concerts) and got some real funky color casts from the stage lighting, so I had to convert to b&w. I'm looking for cc on the b&w conversion. Thanks!