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  1. doobs

    Benefits of film photography?

    Why should one have to ask the advantages of film over digital? Aren't the results enough obvious proof?
  2. doobs

    Film in paper developer?

    How was the exposure? Did you develop for the standard time?
  3. doobs

    Film in paper developer?

    Haha, yeah, Neal, I was hoping for a response from her. I figured the bit about the grain, but I wasn't sure of the dilution or times.
  4. doobs

    Film in paper developer?

    I've got some Agfa Neutol paper developer sitting around and I'm out of film developer, however, I've got a bunch of film that needs developing. Rather than wait to have chemicals come to me, why not use what I have? The question is this: can I use said Neutol as a film developer? Has anyone...
  5. doobs

    What do you do with your pictures?

    Organize them on the computer and print what I like.
  6. doobs

    What kind of 120 film should I get? (slide, B&W, and negative)

    It's all up to your personal tastes. Shoot 35mm film already? Take your favorites and just buy 'em in 120. Personally, I like Provia and most Ektachromes in slide, Portra or Agfa Vista in Neg, and for Black and White, I'll mostly pick up FP4+ or PAN F (HP5+ if I need the speed). I'll also...
  7. doobs

    Pentax ME battery dilemma

    This happened to a friend of mine as well. I had an old ME that I hardly used so I traded him. The batteries I used to have in it worked, as did batteries that I still use in other cameras (I switched them out). However, I gave it to him with dead batteries. He went to a camera store and bought...
  8. doobs


    Thank you terri! I'll try to be more active, haha :P
  9. doobs

    Trade? My Vivitar 285 for your film...

    But I can still use it functionally and in a reasonably pictures-will-be-decent-looking manner right? If so, I'm down. How much film do you want? I've got a ton.
  10. doobs

    Dillon's Beach

    Oh, yeah, I took it down and replaced it with an edited version. Here's your fixed copy. Now what does everyone think?
  11. doobs

    Dillon's Beach

    That's what I figured, but the sky lets up too much. I really like how the sky looks atm. I suppose I could cut the image out in PS, but I'd feel weird about that.
  12. doobs

    Dillon's Beach

    I don't really like landscape photography, personally, but I was there so I figured I'd try my hand at it anyway. This was an alright shot, I guess, but I'm not sure, what do you all think of it? I didn't get the foreground lit up enough I don't think. All help would be appreciated. Info...
  13. doobs


    Haven't posted anything in a while. Having a show, so trying to get stuff together for that. Here's some toy camera shots: Diana +, Ilford HP5+ in Xtol 1:1. Scanned with Epson 4490: Holga 120N, Kodak Plus-X in Xtol 1:1. Scanned with Epson 4490: A ton of other stuff is up on my Flickr...
  14. doobs

    Trade? My Vivitar 285 for your film...

    Does it still work? What's the sufficient light indicator do?
  15. doobs

    Scanning Cross-Processed Transparencies

    This is what I've been doing and it's been working fine. I think it was the orange mask thing that was throwing me off.
  16. doobs

    Scanning Cross-Processed Transparencies

    How do you all do it? What's your technique? I am scanning some x-pro'd Velvia 100 and it's coming out all weird.
  17. doobs

    5-29-2008 Storm Chase: Tornadic Storm in Kearney, Nebraska

    I've a friend in Kearney. Nice captures.
  18. doobs

    Pyro Developer

    Yeah, I just noticed after printing, I liked the prints. And no! I love the Holga! (Plus the Pyro wasn't mine and these were rolls to experiment with)
  19. doobs

    Bergger 200

    I've always just used Xtol. Worked nice. It was a fine film.
  20. doobs

    Cross-process portrait

    Generally, it is more expensive. For me, they charge 10 bucks extra, but that depends on the lab you go to. If you take it to Longs or something and ask them to process it, they shouldn't charge extra.