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  1. (Ghastly) Krueger

    Death contemplative

    Thanks for your comments.
  2. (Ghastly) Krueger

    Death contemplative

    Rising... Thanks for looking and commenting!
  3. (Ghastly) Krueger

    Merry (macro) x-mas!

    Flowers... :D
  4. (Ghastly) Krueger

    Merry (macro) x-mas!

    Thanks for your comment, Sabin Thank you LaFoto. Yes, they are the small flowers inside the red leaves of tradittional Chistmas flowers. They actually flower on this time of the year. I'll try and take a shot of the shrub later. The bulbs are around 2 mm wide and yes, I put the flower pot...
  5. (Ghastly) Krueger

    Merry (macro) x-mas!

    I know, a bit early... but I was trying out a new set of extension tubes on some Poinsettias 1.- 2.- 3.- Thanks for looking and commenting. If you do comment, it may be a while till I can aknowledge!
  6. (Ghastly) Krueger

    A different type of "so long"

    Well, it had to happen eventually :( The Internet filters at work have been modified again... this time they have restricted forums. (Along with youtube, flickr, wiki, etc) This means I will come here only when I'm at the PC at home... which means very rarely. A bit ironic that it's easier to...
  7. (Ghastly) Krueger

    Happy Birthday (Ghastly) Krueger!!!

    Thanks Alex and Chris.
  8. (Ghastly) Krueger

    Happy Birthday (Ghastly) Krueger!!!

    Hey! Thanks a lot... appreciate the thread :) He he. Thanks Anty. Thanks Bro. Thanks Kundalini Thanks... congrats to her too. No prob, haven't been around either. Thanks! Thank you. Twas OK ;)
  9. (Ghastly) Krueger

    Stroke But No Strike!

    Hehe sorry about that. Anyway, the dog looks quite happy to be ok and enjoying life!
  10. (Ghastly) Krueger

    Stroke But No Strike!

    god had a stroke? I wonder what caused it...
  11. (Ghastly) Krueger

    The "What You Had For Dinner" thread. :D

    Sorry, I usually have whatever my kid doesn't finish, so it's rarely photo-worthy ;)
  12. (Ghastly) Krueger


    Hard to decide. Voted.
  13. (Ghastly) Krueger

    business plan

    Cheers! I'm glad your name isn't Lagerx
  14. (Ghastly) Krueger

    Rate the Signature Above you!

    That's cool How 'bout Daddy Yankee?
  15. (Ghastly) Krueger

    Rate the Signature Above you!

    Not sarcastic at all. I guess that gives me a 1/10 ;)? Funny but a bit apologetic... 8/10.
  16. (Ghastly) Krueger

    My ALMS/Indy MidOhio 08 pics :)

    I envy you. Excellent photographs and I agree, the Aston is beautifull (number 007, he, he)
  17. (Ghastly) Krueger

    I'm a sexy lady

    Watch out for toofpaste. He'll be jumping all over you when he finds out.
  18. (Ghastly) Krueger

    What nationality are you?

    Mexicano aqui. Saludos mi hermano pasta de dientef. But no one believes that when they see me.
  19. (Ghastly) Krueger

    Rate the Signature Above you!

    8/10 Simple and useful, but without bang.
  20. (Ghastly) Krueger

    The Good Ol' Days

    Very nice. The first 3 have a very distinct, nostalgic look to them. They remind me of my (rancher) grandpa. Thanks for posting :)