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  1. johnmh

    Brand new, need help with lens choices

    Depends on what you're shooting. Do you need speed or reach? I'd say use what you have and take the time to get a feel for what you want to do.
  2. johnmh

    Sigma 150-500 vs Tamron 200-500mm

    The Tamron is a bit older and not quite at the same level as the Sigma 150-500. The latter has Sigma's version of VR - OS. It's useful on long lenses. I haven't used the Tamron but looked at it a while ago when looking for a long light 'carry' lens - I settled on the 150-500. I've had it in...
  3. johnmh

    Sigma 150-500

    This lens needs good light. IMO, you're really going to want a FAST lens (f/2.8 or maybe f/4) for sports - esp. if indoors in less than great light. Length depends on how close you can get. Some people have been happy with the 70-300 VR and even the 80-400 VR (on better bodies with faster focus)...
  4. johnmh

    Nikon D50 Lens Suggestion.....

    The 55-200 VR is a good compliment to what you have. The 70-300 Vr is a GREAT longer lens - though costing more. Both are more consumer than pro lenses - in cost and speed. I was happy with the 70-300 for some time before expanding my choices. Going up to the next level of pro lenses gets...
  5. johnmh

    18-105 worth it?

    Just at a local (and pretty good) camera shop. General consensus is that the 18-105 is OK but not great. Plastic mount - a 'consumer' lens. The 16-85 is MUCH preferred. No personal experience with the 18-105 but I was quite happy with the 16-85 on my last trip. The 18-55 is a good value for...
  6. johnmh

    need a digital dslr

    Look at Their stuff is usually graded better than Adorama.
  7. johnmh

    Sigma 170-500mm or Tonica 80-400mm

    The Sigma 50-500 is an OLDER NON-OS lens. NO vibreation reduction at higher cost than the newer 150-500 OS lens. Count on using a tripod with the 50-500. If you plan on hand holding - go with an OS/VR lens. I would DEFINITELY go with the 150-500 OS or 120-400 OS over the older nonOS 50-500.
  8. johnmh

    Sigma 170-500mm or Tonica 80-400mm

    These lenses are OK but not great - neither have any kind of vibration reduction. The Tokina gives you 400mm in a small package - I bought a used one that I used to use on hikes when I didn't want to carry a larger lens. Expect to use a monopod - or better yet, a tripod. The 170-500 needs a...
  9. johnmh

    Nikon 70-200 f2.8G lens

    New version coming out soon - should address vignetting issues with some full frame sensors. New version rumored on 80-400 as well - THAT lens is well overdue for updating. Supplies run down before new versions come out.
  10. johnmh

    China and Hong Kong E-Bay Vendors?

    Bought battery grips for D50 d D70 not available here any longer. Both were and have been fine - no issues. As 'good' as Nikon, no but then they were a fraction of the price. Have bought Kenko extension tubes and other items from Hong Kong vendors and triggers and other items from...
  11. johnmh

    Nikon D60 or D80?

    Wait on the new D90 - the expected replacement for the D80 due in August then buy a D80 at a reduced price if you think the new one isn't worth it. The D40, 40X and 60 are all somewhat 'crippled' in needing AF-S lenses. There's some pretty good older glass out there you can't use on these...
  12. johnmh

    What other equipment do you reccomend?

    If you go with the VR vbersion of the 55-200 (not all that much more and the VR is really nice) you really don't need a tripod. You can do fine with a monopod/walking stick - I've done fine with that for some time with even larger lenses. The VR makes it easy to live without and handhold...
  13. johnmh

    Sigma(Nikon mount) Telephoto Zooms??

    Looking for a long zoom that I can actually carry on back country treks (my Nikon 200-400 is just a bit heavy and large). Considered the Nikon 80-400 but it's not an AF-S. Anyone have experience with Sigma Zooms - up to 400 or 500mm? There's a few out there with a new OS 120-400 just...
  14. johnmh

    D300 shooting in virtual darkness 6400 ISO

    Well... I WAS happy with my D200....... however I have no desire to sleep on the couch nor do I have delusions that a D300 will keep me warm and cozy.... so....... deprivation builds character
  15. johnmh

    DSLR Shooters-

    You're really buying into a 'system' when you first choose..... some switch around but once you start investing in lenses (lenses are foever, bodies are temporary)it's like marriage. Divorce can be expensive. Went with Nikon for the glass when we went digital. Don't expect changing at this...
  16. johnmh

    Robert Cappa images found.

    Saw an article on that - astounding that the negatives survived at all - and especially through such a strange succession of 'owners'. Even more amazing is that the old nitrate stock is in good condition. Iconic shots - important work that had been presumed lost. But a good part of the...
  17. johnmh

    Which DSLR help

    Ditto on the 'system' comment. Something to consider for the long run. If you intend to invest in good glass - which makes sense for the long run, you're committing to the 'system' you choose - be it Canon, Nikon or whoever. If you expect to be serious about this, it's better to go with a...
  18. johnmh

    D70 w 18-70mm lens for sale

    Good price....... would be interested if I didn't already have a back-up.
  19. johnmh

    Katz Eye focusing screens Review:

    What was nice about having KatzEye do the installation is that they calibrate the manual focus as well and shim the screen to get accurate focus. Worth the installation cost to me. I had this done on a D70 - which was backfocusing on manual focus - so maybe it wasn't all my eyes. I find it...
  20. johnmh

    Hot pixels question! (semi-urgent)

    Nikon CAN map these out so they won't show if you send it in - or so I've been told. Might want to call up and ask about it.