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  1. ToddB

    A shot of Pittsburgh

    I like it Buckster!! The colors are incredible. Who knew that Shi..., er, Pittsburg could be made to look so beautiful! ;)
  2. ToddB

    AUTOMOTIVE - Your Car Photography

    Tell that to all the Mitsubishi Evo owners who's warranties were voided by Mitsu America because there times for autocrossing and drag racing were posted on the internet. Or the Mustang GT owners who's warranties were voided when Ford HQ visited a drag strip in the Detroit area and wrote down...
  3. ToddB

    AUTOMOTIVE - Your Car Photography

    Nope, standard (albeit still awesome!) C6 Corvette. The ZR1 has a clear panel on the hood so you can see the incredible engine and the ZO6 has a scoop in the nose of the hood to feed the engine.
  4. ToddB

    MotoGP Laguna Seca 2008

    Nicely done!!!! I really like the second one with Rossi and the one of Hayden.
  5. ToddB

    Some C&C for my car!

    I like number 2 also. I hope you enlarged that photo and mounted it in your garage!! But maybe I'm a little biased, the WS6 is one of my favorite cars. Hell of a lot of fun to drive!!! Nice job. #3 kind of makes me cringe because it looks like you are bout to hit one of those concrete...
  6. ToddB

    More at the races

    Chiller, do you get a photo pass that allows you access inside the fence or are these taken from the spectator side? If you're inside, how did you get your pass. I have VIR only an hour or so away and would love to get inside one day. Oh, and I didn't mean that you were bound to the darkside...
  7. ToddB

    Sunrise In The Land Of The Rising Sun.

    That is a cool photo. I like it! :thumbsup:
  8. ToddB

    More at the races

    Chiller, your race shots are fantastic. Again, I like the one of the corner worker. But I've always liked "behind the scenes" type of photographs. I really like the first photo also. I have to say, not bad for a guy who normally photographs demonic clowns (that's kind of redundant, isn't it.)
  9. ToddB

    At the car races

    Nice shots Chiller. 1. The first is actually the Skip Barber Pro Series. A great development series for drivers trying to make it in the IRL or other formula type racing. That is a great shot BTW. 2. Beautiful colors on the Auberlin BMW shot! 3. I LOVE this shot. I like how you...
  10. ToddB

    North Carolina?

    Also in Raleigh!! I would love to meet up with you guys some time. Let me know when and where!!
  11. ToddB

    The icanhascheezburger thread.

    Here's another. That's just wrong!!!
  12. ToddB

    The icanhascheezburger thread.

    There you go Hannabelle. This is my first time seeing the Monorail Cat. I love it!!!!
  13. ToddB

    Is the 24 of may

    Well Matt, I was going to say Lakeside Park by Rush but the words that you have are different from their's. Lakeside Park lyrics Midway hawkers calling 'Try your luck with me' Merry-go-round wheezing The same old melody A thousand ten cent wonders Who could ask for more A pocketful of silver...
  14. ToddB

    Damn, what a week/day

    I'm with you TC. My week sucked. My manager was has been on a cruise since last Sunday so all calls came to me. That part sucked but then you add to that all of the other crap that I had to do in his absense plus my own duties and it all adds up to a really crappy week. Thank (insert...
  15. ToddB

    Finding My Posts

    Oops, I guess I should have read the whole post!!:oops:
  16. ToddB

    Finding My Posts

    Hold you mouse over the Search button and click on Advance Search. Then type in your screen name and click "Posts Started by" from the drop down menu to find posts that you started or click "All Posts by" to find all posts. That will do it.
  17. ToddB

    dSLRs and water?

    Lou Brock, shortstop for the Cardinals back in the 70's, used to wear one of those Umbrella Hats during warm ups before the games. Cards fans will forever call it the "BrockUmbrella." Sorry for the random trivia!!
  18. ToddB

    Me, My Mother and the National Kidney Walk 2008

    Wow, I really needed to do this update a long time ago. It’s hard to believe that it has been almost 2 months since the Triangle Kidney Walk. Well, is the story of how that wonderful day turned out. When we woke up that Saturday morning the weather was looking gloomy. It was chilly and breezy...
  19. ToddB

    Meet Oscar, he likes Trout

    Who knew that otters were so deadly?!??!?!!? Nice shots as always LP!!
  20. ToddB

    Lowepro Slingshot 200 or 300?

    I have the 200 and love it. I normally have my D80 with the 28 - 105 attached, my 70 - 300 and my 50 plus a few filters in the main compartment and a few munchies in the top compartment. I also put one of the legs for my tripod through the side loop. That load isn't too bad to carry around...