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    Shoe fly! (Trying out new Lumiquest ultrasoft)

    Bought a Lumiquest Ultrasoft system. I originally got it for taking pics of the the kids in our family but I realized it works good for macro also :D
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    More Canon P&S problems...

    Hey guys! I'm having another problem with my Canon Powershot A650... I tried using it camping last week and it showed Memory card error: card locked! Of course the first thing I did was check the lock switch on the side but it was fine. I placed another card in there and the same thing happened...
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    Chocorua Mountain and lake

    This is Chocorua Mountain and Chocorua Lake in the White mountains in NH. Such a beautiful area. Only thing I wished was that the lake was still.
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    Old Barn in the White Mountains

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    Great video

    Check it out!
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    My first long exposure waterfall shots and a couple others. :D I really enjoyed taking these. C&C welcome. Thanks, -BIG 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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    Not my best work but I tried shooting a wasp today. I tried many different apertures to make it look better but just couldn't get it right in my opinion. f/5.6 on the first and f/5 on the second. I've never had the chance to see them this up close! C@C welcome as always. Thanks -BIG
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    Loading Images onto a Memory Card

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if there was a way to load edited shots onto a memory card to view with my camera. I find that I have a lot of pics that I have taken that look so much better after PP. Will the camera read the image? That way I could show some of my favorite shots without...
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    First star trails

    I gave it a shot last week over my vacation in Maine and I came up with this. I feel the focus is a little off. I set it to infinite. I don't think some people realize how hard it is to compose a shot in complete darkness! I thought it was kinda neat to see the satellite trails in the shot. C&C...
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    Signature editor?

    What's going on with the signature editor? It says "Your signature cannot be longer than 1000 characters including BB code markup." I never saw this before and I've seen people's signatures much larger than mine. Is it just a temporary error? I can't add anything to it. Thanks -BIG
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    It's Happening!

    I have been talking to the girlfriend of my girlfriend's brother and asked me for some pictures of a weekend I went away with my girl and her brother up in Maine. I took a few shots of the mountains and such (1 in particular that I really like). I emailed them to her and asked what she had...
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    Swingin around

    Went for a walk today (I'm not giving up on my 365!) Took this shot of my niece. I took some others but this was the nicest I thought. C&C welcome Thanks -BIG
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    Oh Deer...

    I shot this last weekend and have been playing around with it a little, I decided to try a soft look. I have been dying to get a picture like this for a long time now. What do you think? Exif: 1/125 5.6 ISO 500
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    For the 1000th!

    Hey guys, I wanted my 1000th post to be something special. So here goes. When I joined this forum, I was oblivious to how anything worked (not only on here but with any forum really). I came here looking for advice and did the typical noob thing and asked questions right off the bat without...
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    I've hit the wall...

    I have been doing the 365 project and it's turning out to be not so fun anymore... It seems like there is nothing to shoot in my area. I get home late and I find myself taking snapshots of dumb things that mean nothing to me really. I just came back from a drive of probably 25 miles and didn't...
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    A weekend up north

    I had the chance to spend the weekend at a small cabin across the lake from my camp in Maine. It had no power or running water so I was able to spend some time outdoors with a lot of good people while they were ice fishing! C&C welcome Thanks -BIG 2. 3. 4. (one color shot thrown in but...
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    It's Done!!

    I finally finished the fish tank stand I made my girl friend for Christmas. I brought it to her this weekend. It holds a 40 gallon tank. I built the frame out of 1 1/4" steel angle iron and encased it in wood. Much better than the bureau she had it on that was collapsing under the weight! :lol...
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    Kennebec River Ice Jam (Augusta, Maine)

    My girl friend told me about this ice jam in the river so we went to take some pictures of it. It was 2 miles long and the pictures don't do it justice! I think the 1st one is one of my favorite shots so far. C&C welcome Thanks -BIG 1. 2.
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    Get a load of this

    Laura Timoney fumes after son Patrick, 9, is busted for bringing 2-inch-long toy gun to PS 52 I am so surprised by this story, I can't believe what this world has come to. It reminds me of when I brought in a toy plastic grenade water gun and I got in some trouble for it when I was in 3rd grade...
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    Peg leg

    This little guy was either trying to keep warm or he really had one leg! -Big Also scored this shot... I know it comes off as overexposed but I am trying something new. "Walking on thin ice"