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  1. danir


    I recently moved to this city Boston. Thanks for looking. Dani
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    bee eater

    Thanks for looking. Dani
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    birds and flowers

    1. 2. 3. 4. and one tultles (NSFW) Thanks for looking, Dani
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    Pycnonotus barbatus Thanks for looking. Dani
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    Radiant flower

    Thanks for looking. Dani
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    Thanks for looking. Dani
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    up the dune

    Thanks for looking. Dani
  8. danir

    3 from the desert

    Haven't posted in a long time.. These are three from the mountains near Eilat. 1. 2. 3. Thanks for looking. Dani
  9. danir

    old age

    Thanks for looking. Dani
  10. danir

    Remote control

    I'm thinking of buying a remote control for my Nikon D-80. Todate I used the timer whenever I used a tripod for long exposures. What should I look at in a remote? Thanks, Dani
  11. danir

    Pittsburgh down town and incline

    Thanks for looking. Dani
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    Desert at night

    The light source for this image is the full moon. I wasn't quite sure what I want to get from this image. Thanks for looking. Dani.
  14. danir

    3 from the zoo

    Haven't posted here for quite some time. Here are 3 from the zoo: 1. 2. 3. Thanks for looking. Dani.
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    gi'me a hug

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    A Neuron

    A fluorescence image of a cerebellar Purkinje cell, view through a microscope and captured with a 10 Kilo pixel camera. Thanks for looking. Dani
  18. danir

    Urban dog

    Thanks for looking. Dani.
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    Thanks for looking. Dani.
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    This is a jewish traditional ritual inwhich ones sins are transferred to a chicken at Yom Kipur eve. Most do not participate in it though: 1. buying the hen 2. Saying the prayer. 3. Moving the hen around the head 3 times. 4. I preferred not to add pictures showing the chicken...