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  1. Cappahayden

    Two Men, From the Ground Up

    ...that's not a pig farm is it......was it not a little creepy having these guys watching you.
  2. Cappahayden

    I had a dream

    It's just the avian world seeking revenge for your "Defeated" post. ;)
  3. Cappahayden

    Four Weeks of Hell

    At the prescribed intervals I hope.... and not all at one time ???
  4. Cappahayden


    I'm glad you recognized I was having a little fun with my earlier post, and that you have a sense of humour. A couple of questions about your photo's. Are the colour casts intentional? and, Are the heavy vignettes a product of your lens or PP. Take Care,
  5. Cappahayden


    Well...they are Toronto..... which happens to be in Canada......But with that broad a title I can only conclude you've lived in Toronto all your life and just moved to Saudi yesterday?
  6. Cappahayden

    I got

    Well, I won't stray from ice cream. Earlier this evening I had a double scoop of "French Crisp" in a waffle cone from Laura Secord... I am not sure if this is available anywhere else in this world besides Canada but it is absolutely the best icecream I have ever had the pleasure of jamming down...
  7. Cappahayden

    A few hours in Denver

    I don't know anything much at all about Denver, accept that I'm a football fan and my favorite team for the last 26 years have been the Bronco's (I'm no wagon jumper). However I just recently seen an article listing the top 20 photo friendly cities n the USA and if I'm not mistaken Denver was...
  8. Cappahayden

    Door handly by Nikkor 55mm f1.2

    " It feels like a knot in the toilet drain with a large wheel on it. " ......... it feels like what?
  9. Cappahayden

    For Chiller on his special day, An All Hallows Eve story TPF style

    ... and although I've never smelled anticipation before .... it would be my first and last time, BECAUSE SOME NUT JOB PULLED OUT A CHAIN SAW AND LOPPED MY DAMN HEAD OFF....
  10. Cappahayden

    Mostly White

    I like it, however I'm not sure about the doily they're laying on???, and I don't believe it belongs in B&W simply...because it isn't.
  11. Cappahayden

    Done it, Want to, or Never done it.

    Yes... it went like this...I was walking behind two females and I shout "Hey Love boat" One of them turns and says "Yes?" I said " Not you Shipwreck, your friend". Ever vomit through your nose?
  12. Cappahayden

    Last person to post in this thread wins...

    The next person to post in this thread is an absolute, without any doubt, 100%, practicing splooge mutant.
  13. Cappahayden

    Numbers Game

    "And Cappahayden, ummm, what letters would you put after 69???" Hmmm.....I don't know now do I..... :blushing: Haven't figured out that quote thing yet, so I'm definitely not witty enough to think of something anyway. Some people say.... the guy can just spell the whole alphabet
  14. Cappahayden

    Done it, Want to, or Never done it.

    Yes, but I was having fun. Ever try to "sneak" one and mess your underwear unexpectedly?
  15. Cappahayden

    Numbers Game

    I haven't had time to figure any of these out yet...but I'm wondering why you just went right ahead and skipped over 69 like it meant nothin'?..... I'm such a boy.... occasionally.
  16. Cappahayden

    First snow fall!

    I live in the same town as Matt-l, I think he saw a few flakes when it cooled off on Thursday and had a thread starting panic moment, but as you can see by the pic from today, all is well. ( I just read this thread and took a quick pic out my door.)
  17. Cappahayden

    Gotta love those brown boxes from New York...

    .....Psssst......Those boxes are gold....:wink:
  18. Cappahayden

    Peschici at night.

    I think the comp is just fine, if you cropped out the cars in the lot you'd lose the most beautiful part of the sky, the balcony works and the globe is not an issue whatsoever. I don't see a lot of noise either, a little sensor dust in the sky perhaps, not a big deal. Very nice shot in my...
  19. Cappahayden


    For a brief moment Gretta had second thoughts on wearing her prom dress moose hunting.
  20. Cappahayden

    Unusually Nice Day for October

    Thanks for the reply's / compliments all. Myopia, no attempt was made at HDR with #2. I adjusted levels, increased saturation a touch before converting to B&W in channel mixer then I did the part I was unsure of doing which most likely gives it that digital look you mentioned, I applied a touch...