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  1. (Ghastly) Krueger

    Death contemplative

    Rising... Thanks for looking and commenting!
  2. (Ghastly) Krueger

    Merry (macro) x-mas!

    I know, a bit early... but I was trying out a new set of extension tubes on some Poinsettias 1.- 2.- 3.- Thanks for looking and commenting. If you do comment, it may be a while till I can aknowledge!
  3. (Ghastly) Krueger

    A different type of "so long"

    Well, it had to happen eventually :( The Internet filters at work have been modified again... this time they have restricted forums. (Along with youtube, flickr, wiki, etc) This means I will come here only when I'm at the PC at home... which means very rarely. A bit ironic that it's easier to...
  4. (Ghastly) Krueger

    63 dogs (pic heavy)

    My wife and I went to a dog shelter called FRYDA the other day. 1. Welcome comittee 1b. 2.- Some of these were abandoned, rescued from the street, or from their owners. 3.- 4.- Some are good looking 5.-Some are funny 6.- Some look like regular house pets 7.- 8.- 9.-...
  5. (Ghastly) Krueger


    Hello all, Some walls I see on my way to work. These used to be textile factories a long (1830's) time ago. 1 2. 3. Thanks for looking. Your comments are welcome on hoe to improve (be honest!)
  6. (Ghastly) Krueger

    Regarding extension tubes

    Hello all, I'm pretty much convinced on getting some extension tubes to do some macro (close to macro? w/e). I'll eventually save for a true macro lens, but that will take a long while. I'm considering buying Kenko tubes for my Canon Xt and will use them with 28mm, 50mm and a 75-300mm...
  7. (Ghastly) Krueger

    Guess who will reply to you...

    Try guessing who will reply after you. Anty?
  8. (Ghastly) Krueger

    You know what's ausome...?

    ...well, neither do I, but today I saw that word all around in different sites, although I don't recall seeing it before. Did something change today? Anyway... slow day in TPF, huh?
  9. (Ghastly) Krueger

    Another zoo visit

    1. Ostrich 2. Giraffe 3.- Tiger 4.- Not sure 5.- Crow in the bush 6.- Mexican wolf 7.- Mexican wolf 2 8.- Couple of parackeets 9-. Zebra Thanks for looking and your comments are welcome as always
  10. (Ghastly) Krueger

    Stairs in the woods

    Came across these after a picnic Your comments are certainly welcome. Thanks for looking
  11. (Ghastly) Krueger

    Lunar eclipse (clear sky)

    Yep, me too. Hope you like them (sorry about the delay, life got on the way) 1. Here we see the penumbral part, while the umbral is too dark. 2. As the penumbra grew smaller, I changed to expose for the umbra. 3. Total. I messed the focus. :grumpy: 4. The end. I find it quite...
  12. (Ghastly) Krueger

    Moon setting over Sleeping Woman

    Theses are from a month ago (shows how fast I am in PP:p) 1 2 3 Those are the Popocatepetl and Iztalccihuatl (Sleeping Woman) volcanos in Mexico. Thanks for looking.
  13. (Ghastly) Krueger

    Ferrari branded lens...

    Think white lenses are not exiting enough? Want to stand out in the crowd of photogs? Ferrari fan? See here and here. I'd rather see a new ferrari car... but that's just me, I guess.
  14. (Ghastly) Krueger

    Church in the country

    Just a church I stumbled upon. C&C welcome, which works best? Be harsh with them, tear them appart. 1. 2. 3. Thanks for looking.
  15. (Ghastly) Krueger

    Just say frog and I'll jump

    Couple of dart frogs... just in time for... A blurr...
  16. (Ghastly) Krueger

    New Jersey aquarium

    In a recent trip to Phila to visit my brother, we made an unscheduled visit to the NJ aquarium. Fortunatelly, I had my new 50mm f1.8, which helped a lot with the low light, but I still couldn't get very good results. I will post these anyway in case someone can give me some tips on how to...
  17. (Ghastly) Krueger

    Doctor Jokes

    Pathology results. Dear Mr. Smith: We are glad to inform you that the red spots in your penis were not due to gangrene, but lipstick. Yours, The Pathology lab. P.S. We regret the amputation --------------------------------- A hypochondriac goes to the doctor and asks: My wife betrayed...
  18. (Ghastly) Krueger

    Don't take my photo, it can be used to discriminate me

    Hi A few minutes ago I went for a spin to do some errands, and trying to get some pics of objects I've targeted before. While waiting on a red light I saw a group of people which would make an interesting image. They were informal workers (clean car windows, sell stuff, jugglers, so on)...
  19. (Ghastly) Krueger

    Visit to the zoo

    These are from a local zoo called "Africam". 1. Giraffe 2. Zebra 3. Rhino 4. Grey wolf 5. Lions 1 5. Lions 2 6 And a bear Thanks for looking
  20. (Ghastly) Krueger

    World equestrian meet

    Hi This event took place some weeks ago in my city, but I just found time to finish PP. (I still want to try converting some into B+W, but am not done with that) I messed up pretty heavy with most pics, but learned my lessons (2nd shoot with a dslr, forgot that I can switch ISO:p) Anyway, 1...