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  1. cgw

    Saving Insects

    Well worth a look:
  2. cgw

    Boots for the Masses!

    Brampton, Ontario Old Downtown
  3. cgw

    Fairy on Her Shoulder

    Toronto: Wade Ave. Spring Afternoon at Propeller Coffee Fuji X-100T
  4. cgw

    Face in the Alley

    Toronto: Kensington Market Fuji X-100T
  5. cgw

    Rusty Pontiac

    Toronto: Lansdowne Ave. Fuji X-T1
  6. cgw

    What a Still Life Tells Us

    The NYT's "Close Read" articles are always fun but this one led me to think: how would a still life photo full of your "stuff" be decoded centuries after you tripped the shutter? Could it reveal as much about us in 2022 as the article does about the 17thC Dutch Republic from still life...
  7. cgw

    Lost Bride

    Toronto: Distillery District Bronica SQ-B+Zenzanon PS 80/2.8 Kodak TMY-2
  8. cgw

    Old Till

    Toronto: Dundas St. W The Junction Fuji X-100T
  9. cgw

    1958 Chevrolet Delray

    Love those '50s logo scripts Nikon N90s+50/1.8AFD Fuji Superia 200
  10. cgw

    Downtown Reflections

    Toronto: Yonge St. Fuji X-100T
  11. cgw

    Old Toys

    Nikon F Photomic FTn Clunky but lovable! Second owner. Meter and shutter speeds spooky accurate.
  12. cgw

    Slick Bike

    Toronto: The Junction. Dundas St. W Fuji X-100T
  13. cgw

    Street Legal

    1955 Chevy Nikon N90s+50/1.8AFD Fuji Superia 200
  14. cgw

    Sunday Shopping

    Toronto: Spadina Ave. Fuji X-100T
  15. cgw

    Listening Post

    Toronto, Lakeshore Blvd. Mamiya 645 Super+Sekor 80/2.8C Kodak TMY-2
  16. cgw

    Heather Singing

    "Back to the Forties" event at the Small Arms Inspection Building. Mississauga, Ontario. Restored WWII building now used as a performance/gallery/studio space. Fuji X-T1+ Fujinon 50/2 R WR
  17. cgw

    '60s Sketches

    1964 Ford Galaxie 500XL Nikon N90s+50/1.8AFD Fuji Superia 200
  18. cgw

    Whither Nikon?

    An interesting--and sobering--read: "Imaging accounted for 33% of revenue last year (down from 75% in 2013) and is the principal source of Nikon’s problems; the unwritten mantra to address this is “strengthen and diversify”. Precision Instruments is now the largest division accounting for 41%...
  19. cgw

    Toronto: Little India, Gerrard St. E

    Sari Models Nikon N90s+50/1.8 AFD Kodak HD400(exp) Nik Silver Efex Pro 2
  20. cgw

    Ed Burtynsky

    Burtynsky's epic landscapes are worth exploring if you're unfamiliar with his work. This article details his inspiration, concerns and personal links to the war in Ukraine...