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    There will not be a huge difference between 30 and 35mm, and I have never use any sony lenses (since I have only Canon and Olympus cameras) But the Sigma 30mm 1.4, is a phenomenal lens. The quality stands up to lenses 3 times the price. If you learn how to use a lens like this, you will not be...
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    Talk to me about this bokeh...

    The size of the bokeh is all wrong in these. The flowers in the background, for example, would be very oof but they would also be much larger if it were just the effect of the lens. The first one is not at all the same lighting from the subject to the background, the foreground flowers look like...
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    Is this worth saving?

    Take a cell phone pic of the lenses and post them. Nikon still uses the same mounting system and the Pentax lenses are adaptable to most cameras and can be somewhat collectible. They won't be worth a lot but may have some resale value. Old 35mm film bodies really don't have any resale value...
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    Entry level kits?

    And a big dual sided reflector/bounce card. Like the 4' or so ones that are collapsible/foldable. White, or white and gold. Another stand and a couple of spring clips. The bounce card alone can make a world of difference shooting outdoors and is great to create fill light with a single strobe in...
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    After The Rain

    I think it's like the choice of a mat and frame. Photos do not always look right with a Google browser mat and a windows taskbar frame. I think this is especially true because most browsers are very bright, and this is a darker photo. It's a good photo but the bright background of my computer is...
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    GO! Great photos. I visited some of those places in Namibia nearly 20 years ago; It was an amazing trip. These photos make me want to go back. I made a short video reel of the trip, don't know what happened to it. I guess I need to see if my Beige Mac G3 tower is in the basement, lol.
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    Sad news regarding KmH (Keith)

    Well, ****... :(
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    Which lenses for trip to Italy and Greece next year???

    As much as I agree with this, there may be other limiting factors and convenience involved. Is it a Vacation, Business trip, or a Photography trip? If I went on an African safari, I would bring everything and rent some long glass, but maybe not for an average trip. I leave in 2 days for a...
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    Which lenses for trip to Italy and Greece next year???

    The 11-16 is an amazing lens, its one of my favorites, and one of the ones I use the most. The second lens I use a lot is a Sigma 30mm 1.4. 30 mm is a "normal" lens on a crop sensor. It gives you a natural perspective. So I would go with either your 18-55 or your 28-80. These are basically...
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    Mirrorless sales closing the gap on DSLR.

    I don't have any references. It was a guess based on my limited observations of people around me. I think I read an article a few years back that this was the case with DSLRs in the mid-2000's when they began to get popular in the consumer market. There were a lot of kits that came with either...
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    Mirrorless sales closing the gap on DSLR.

    I'd be interested to see WHO is buying mirrorless cameras. I would guess that a lot of people who own DSLRs and a ton of lenses, have also bought a mirrorless camera just for vacation, or to have a camera that is easy to carry around without all the hassle of a bulky system; something you can...
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    Oh, no --I double-booked!

    Send the couple a framed photo of the best shot or two. A personal touch like that makes people know that they are more than a paycheck.
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    Client questioning your methods?

    Its like in audio, when someone wants to know "how many watts your speakers are." I find there are 3 answers. 1) you actually explain SPL, power, and sensitivity, and either they are intrigued, or it goes over their heads. 2) The numbers are not important, and I can show you that these are...
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    Doesn't have to do w/ photography, but still important.

    Put his laptop in the microwave for a about a 30 seconds, then stick it back on his desk.
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    Canvas Print 3/4 Help

    I cannot vouch for the quality, as I have not ordered from this place, I would guess that it may be lower quality based on the price, and that the website targets end consumers, and not professional, but the standard canvas is 3/4". Canvas Prints - Photos to Canvas Prints | Easy Canvas Prints...
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    Is this an ok photo?

    A little back-light would go a long way to stop the man from sinking into the black background.
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    What lens to use for a theatre show?

    I might be late to the Party, but usually you can work out a time to shoot at a dress rehearsal. Depending on the theater, there is often an official photographer taking photos of the show for ads and documentation. you could maybe arrange some time with them.
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    Micro 4/3 camera...buying one or own one?

    Got a E-PL1 on the cheap earlier this summer, and picked up a used Panasonic kit lens and a M42 adapter(although it's too short and throws off the focus scale, need to find a better one, Maybe Ill ask in the Mirrorless subforum. Great quality and features for the price. Great camera to take rock...
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    Not sure if I charge to low

    I agree. In fact operating in a higher price range often gets you better clients, who have realistic expectations, an have confidence if your skills. It is often the opposite in the lower end, and this is in no way directed at the OP, it just my observations in many businesses, that low price...
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    Not sure if I charge to low

    Funny Saturn was given as a comparison, and fitting. General Motors closed Saturn along with several other brands because, they were operating their business at a HUGE loss, year after year.