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  1. osirus

    what do you think i could sell this for? D700, some damage to case, flash bulb broke

    So i just upgraded from a d700 to a d800 i was thinking of selling the 700 only thing.. about a year ago i picked up the camera and was carrying it by cradling the lens (nikon 80-200 f 2.8) somehow the lens wasnt clicked into the body fully and as i was walking the camera tumbled off, onto...
  2. osirus

    question for the fellow d800 owners, formatting..

    so the 2 button format on the d800 how do you change what card it formats? i want to format both cards, so i do the 2 button format and it does the cf card, but doesn't touch the sd card, i can see on the lcd display there is a little arrow beside the cf. how can i get this to erase the sd...
  3. osirus

    new member of the family

    after months and months it finally arrived! :mrgreen:
  4. osirus

    Purchase Nikon parts?

    Does anyone know if there is and place/ websitw where you can just order specific nikon parts? My d700 took a spill, and i need a new bulb for the flash,and a new casing. to get it repaired by nikon will be $500+ i was told by two camera shops. they said its 95% labour costs. So if i can order...
  5. osirus

    Tips for reducing eyestrain when shooting for long periods?

    Ok so i've been hired by a company to shoot some dance compititions, i did one 2 weeks ago, and have another one starting tomorrow. Now, the events last 3 days and last time the hours were 1st day= 7 hours 2nd day= 14 hours 3rd day= 7 hours Thats pretty much straight shooting, with a few 5 min...
  6. osirus

    WTB: mbd10 grip

    If anyone has one of these laying about not being used and wants to sell, how much?
  7. osirus

    want a drink?

    was messing about last night, came up with these 1 2 3 4 5 6
  8. osirus

    Nikon 50mm 1.8 d $130 shipped to USA $115 shipped to canada

    50mm f 1.8 great condition, only selling because i just purchased a 50mm f 1.4 on here includes box manual ect to usa - $100 plus shipping, $30 to ship to usa via xpresspost (3-4 days) in canada $100 plus shipping, $15 to ship (2 days)
  9. osirus

    Nikon F55 body

    I have a nikon F55 body that ive never used, i only bought it because i wanted the lens that was on it. It dosent have a bodycap. and when i had the lens on it when i got it, all semmed to work well, other than it seemed to backfocus. ( cant test that now as the batterys are dead in it) But...
  10. osirus


    I shot a couple for there 6th anniversery together last weekend. a few photos from that session
  11. osirus

    Concert photos Our lady peace/ the trews

    Scored some media passes for a concert this past saturday a few photos ofMarianas trench, my darkest days, The Trews, and Our Lady Peace, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
  12. osirus

    maternity shoot with friend

    A friend of my sis in law is pregnant, and asked me to take a few photos of her,She was going to get a freind to take some pics with her little P&S but then they remembered me and that I said i can always use some practice, so if they ever need photos taken to just ask. Taken with a Nikon D50...
  13. osirus

    Niece Candid

    my niece ran by me when i was taking some other photos, and i managed to snap this quick.
  14. osirus

    peace bridge Fort Erie ontario/ Buffalo New York

    was at the Friendship festival last week and the bridge was looking all pretty, ( apparently the lights cost 1 million dollars) and here i am without a tripod, and the wall along the river has a triangle shaped top..grr. So i made do and found a spot to try and steady it on the triagle shaped wall.
  15. osirus

    beach set photoshoot with a friend

    a few shots of a girl i know at the beach last week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  16. osirus

    Tripod velbon c-500 brand new.

    I have a velbon c-500 tripod for sale, Its brand new in the box never used, tag still on it. This tripod sells anywhere from $90-$130,( i got it for $100) So I am asking $60 for it. plus shipping. With Vel-flo 7 Fluid Panhead Classic Black Finish Quick release platform - QB-5RL 3-section...
  17. osirus

    My puppy

    My dog was being cute last night while i was brining my camera down here to load some pics onto the computer, so i stopped to snap a few quickies. 1 2 3 4
  18. osirus

    messing about with gummie bears

    so i had a candy craving last week, a trip to the bulk barn and i got a few Lbs of gummies, mostly gummi bears. i was sitting here eating them and some where on my desk, i noticed the light weas neat as it went through them. So i took out the camera and had a lill fun 1 2 3 4 5 Then i...
  19. osirus

    can i get a hand?

    I was bored and just messing about in the dark, with the flash from an old P&S since i dont have a speedlight yet.. no Photoshopping done ( well except the white balance ect.) thought it came out really neat
  20. osirus

    waterfalls of Niagara collection ( alot of photos)

    Over the past few months ive been going on a hike or walk almost every saturday, most of them have been to different waterfalls around here. There is many in the area 100+, the most well know is niagara falls obiviously. but theres others that i find to be far nicer to visit :) so heres a...