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    For Sale: Sigma 18-250 HSM OS f/3.5-6.3 Nikon Mount

    I'll bump it for you again... This isn't the greatest place to sell camera gear, is it?
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    Nikon kit lens vs. Sigma semi-pro glass?

    If you like it on your camera body, $175.00 isn't a bad price AT ALL for a f/2.8 zoom lens, new, with a factory warranty....
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    Here kitty kitty

    Aquarium ??? Thought they had fish....
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    Punch & Judy

    Punch & Judy stand looks like a privy to
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    Lens Rentals

    With what you would have paid to buy the lenses, plus sales tax if there is any, then the hassle of listing and reselling, paying all of those PayPal and eBay fees, no way would you recover all of your $$ anyway, so you will lose something anyway no matter what you do. Renting will limit your...
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    Nikon D80 (mint) and 5 lenses for sale.

    Never mind....
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    Monster BUCK

    Wow, you "shot" a 10-pointer! Awesome!
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    Which one should I keep?

    Of the three, I also agree with keeping the N75. Also agree about the 28-80mm lens. If I didn;t already have the focal length covered I would have kept the black one I had - don't like the ugly metal colored one at all on a black DSLR.
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    Anyone familiar with a Tamron 90-300mm lens

    Derrell, how old can this lens be with contacts for a DSLR? All I know is that is is marked as Macro, although no switching or anything, the AF is a little slow, searches unless I use a smaller AF area in D80 camera setting, but looks like a pretty decent (and inexpensive) lens for birds and...
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    Anyone familiar with a Tamron 90-300mm lens

    I just came across a Tamron (Nikon mount) Tele-Macro AF 90-300mm f/4.5-5.6 lens. Already searched for information out on the internet, then here in TPF, where I found a couple OLD results where someone had one in their gear, but nothing about the price or currant value or performance or...
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    Sexy Girl Pictures (NOT WORK SAFE!!!)

    It was in my "new posts", I responded to a post by Paul Anderson (was his FIRST POST) that I do not even see in the thread anymore. Either a software glich or Paul Anderson got deleted. I don't EVER look at ANYTHING but new posts = NEVER I didn't revive ANYTHING! Wasn't me, no way!
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    Sexy Girl Pictures (NOT WORK SAFE!!!)

    Maybe because you revived a 5 year-old thread, and the photos might not be online anymore. First post, huh?
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    Tax Refund?! Need a bit of practical advice..

    If you get enough taxes returned to be able to pay for buying camera equipment, you had way too much money withheld during the year that you loaned to Unca Sam at 0% interest. Trick is to adjust your witholding to where you get back just a little, or even pay, just a little on April 15th...
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    Creating a photography business

    WOW! Extremely slow loading, I never could get into it and I have smokin' fast internet access. This issue will likely cause you to lose business, not make it. One does not usually become successful when going into business on the cheap, whether it be website, business cards, logo...
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    Question on AI S on Nikon D40

    Welcome to TPF! The lens will mount on your D40 ~ BUT you will not have AF, since there is no such thing in that old a lens, and you will not have any in camera metering. Use the old lens on your D40 with your camera set to manual, and manually focus your shots, and you will do fine. That...
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    VR lens vs. AF-S DX lens.

    Does one really need the VR on such a short focal length as 18-55mm? Either one should be fine imho, the non-VR is a great little lens for what it was designed to do, and for what it costs, especially if you be sure to get the GII version.
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    I tried HRD myself, but found it too hard to do...
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    John and Cathy's Wedding

    A thum bup from me too, whatever a thum bup is... Cindy - you are GOOD!
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    Lens Rentals

    Not sure when you are going, but it will be cold there this time of year up that volcano. Expect to see plenty of snow during the winter months. When we have stayed on the Big Island, we always liked the Kona area, where they host the Ironman events. We used to like to stay at the old Kona...
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    Dem Saints ain't Ain'ts no more!

    Congratulations to New Orleans! I was picking the Colts to win, and I was wrong!