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    When to stop Photoshopping - where do you draw the line?

    I'm with Gary, they either want a photographer or a disney cartoon, minimal PS on pretty much everything though I have taken the odd head from one photo to place on a more aestetically pleasing one where the bride decided to pull a mug at precisely the wrong moment lol.
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    I liked the lighting, hated the b/g

    I've not calibrated this monitor in ages but it looks too dark on my screen, if yours looks good its all OK as I like the shot itself. I prefer the colour version though.
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    What to charge for a school function?

    Looks like the organiser is used to herding cattle, that might work with little kids but you're not going to get families with brats all done n dusted in under a minute, the organiser needs to understand that, secondly they'd not be churning out anything I did on the school printer to sell on my...
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    Story: Proof you need redundant equipment to shoot weddings

    Any wedding photographer turning up with only one camera shouldn't be there. You can guarantee if somethings gonna go wrong its going wrong at that wedding, I always had two sets around my neck, I took every 'important' shot on each body to make sure that even a corrupt card wasn't going to...
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    Wedding Nightmare

    You're the one being paid its you who needs to control the show and take charge otherwise theres shots you'll forget, I used to ignore all the uncle bobs and anyone else hobbying and made sure I got what was required to justify the payment regardless, more often than not I'd remove the couple...
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    Teaching Photoshop Classes

    The degree course I took at college began with exercises in using all of the tools on a 'mr potatohead' incorporating several layers, we were using PS4, pretty much when digital imaging was just beginning over here in 2000, it progressed from tools and layers to using all the functions on the...
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    Men beating on woman

    Glad I don't do sport any more, I've also never beat the wife and we've been through the mill over the last 25 years, silver anniversary next month and she keeps mentioning it and what we'll be doing to celebrate it and I haven't got a clue so it looks like some domestic violence heading my way...
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    Photographer killed in San Francisco robbery

    I tend to go for the blend in approach, no fancy clothes/shoes and no fancy camera bags or camera in my hand no tripods either, a 5p carrier bag with camera inside wrapped up casually and wander wherever, one lens attached, if I want a closer shot I walk closer, similarly a distance shot. I've...
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    Post a picture of yourself

    She's the double of a girl I met in OZ in 07 who went to the states around 2013, thanks for coming back on this.
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    Avoid the dirty look of the picture when uploaded on Facebook?

    I think facebook's image upload always mess with the images as they're never like what you post from your home screen, I quit using it for other reasons though haven't posted a pic there since 07 and removed any I had there around the same time apart from profile pics.
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    Prints Per Volume Of Chemistry

    When I was at college we used D76 with three trays to serve roughly ten to 15 students, it was mixed at 15-1 and the dev tray lasted the morning and usually dozens of prints, I suggest the 'light' print was just an overexposed neg which needed more enlarger time or more time in the soup to reach...
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    Recreate SOOC Jpegs from RAW?

    I created a script in PS to do this years back when CF memory was a lot smaller than it is now so didn't want to save two files on camera to take up any space, iirc there was a few issues mostly to do with numbering the files and where they got stored in the computer but they were down to me and...
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    re: frozen film lifespan?

    I froze a few boxes of fuji back in 04, an old mate is still shooting it now two years after I gave it to him.
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    One Mans Trash Is Another Mans Enlargers

    You're all too far away or I could send the boxes of fuji crystal archive I've got left in the loft along with some beautiful 'oriental' (cant remember the brand) mono paper which always reminded me of leather for some reason, plus paper safes, loupes etc etc etc, my old bronica S2A is up there...
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    looking for decent AF camera on budget

    The dynax will be an upgrade, possibly the maxxum 7000 too, I've got a dynax 9000 sat on the top of the wardrobe which was a great camera at the time (95) and had excellent glass till I loaned it to my daughter, it came back less the glass and without body cap. The only problem with minolta was...
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    Film roll in a jammed camera

    You used to be able to get the leader retriever tools from most camera shops here in the UK for pennies so I'd think any pro-type store over there would have them or try ebay, I reckon you could make similar with an old strip of negs by cutting a 3mm x 3mm 'flap' in the film and picking it out...
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    Looking for a photo for my Ad. ?

    I'm out, our Jessie takes a shower after walkies and is particular about who sees her in the shower, typical ***** lol.
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    The Art of Photographic Critique (a.k.a. constructive criticism)

    Yeah, I remember the 'brutal days' lol, trouble is society now can't stand the truth and so critique has been toned down to the stage where you need to be giving out mutley badges in case you offend anyone, personally I know when I've made a s**t shot, can see when somebody else has too and have...
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    Nicely Denying Digital File Sales.......

    The product was always spot on, its the 'charging more' in a 'deprived area' which doesn't work and I'd had my fill of city life after ten years in London, I moved back to my home town 300 miles north after taking several bookings there and thought I'd continue till retirement in the area, I...
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    Nicely Denying Digital File Sales.......

    My ego not bruised, like I stated the problem is everyone with a digital camera is now a pro-photographer come the weekend and whether you like it or not its harmed the industry, I pulled out because of that as I can't afford to compete here in the UK with some kid offering to do a wedding with...