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  1. beato

    78' Veterinarian

    So my dad finally got his dream car which will one day be mine. :sexywink: This pic is from a couple days ago and Thorhammer's car thread inspired me to post it so here it is:
  2. beato

    wires and chimney

    ^could probably use a bit more contrast saturated black and white :sexywink:
  3. beato

    Crazy low priced EF lenses... I was just wondering if anyone can tell me why these lenses are so cheap. Seems a bit fishy...
  4. beato

    Shooting at low iso with high iso film

    im going up the mountains tonight and all i have is 800 speed film. i don't plan on taking movement shots so the speed is kinda wasted. i want to avoid noise and im just wondering what will happen if i set my rebel to 200 iso with 800 film?
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    trees and ice

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  7. beato

    coke, etc

    also, which one out of these two? are they even good?
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    New puppy. :D
  10. beato

    short for a mt

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    How is it?
  12. beato

    Using a flash

    Exactly how does a flash work and how does it effect the light meter? It seems it doesn't change my light meter at all. Please help I'm lost.
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    no son of mine

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    My best shots

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 How are they?
  15. beato

    Lens and other general questions

    Hey I'm new to the forum but have been taking pictures for about a year now. I have a Canon Film Rebel K2 with the stock lens (28-80mm/3.5-5.6). Over the summer I went out and bought a better zoom lens because I felt like I couldnt zoom at all on the kit lens. I bought a used Tamron...