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    Local Photographic Exhibition

    Hi, We are mounting a Photographic Exhibition, on the 1st Nov, for photographers local to RG7 in England. If you would like to show any of your work - drop me a line at Thanks Chris
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    Does this Help?

    Hi, I think making a B&W photo is the hardest thing to do - loosing colour and just having shape and tone to tell a story. I've written some notes on this task and would like to know if you reckon the ideas would help.
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    Thought I'd go abstract

    just playing on a dull day...
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    (simple) Channel Blending

    Hi, There was a question, on another Forum, about whether one could use Channels in Photoshop - the answer was dont bother, use Curves! As this is completely wrong, I thought I would write up how to simply use Channel Blending. If you have a moment, I'd like to know if you feel this write...
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    Real fun colour idea

    Hi, I've been playing around with a new idea and adapted the Man from Mars technique (see my web site if you dont know it). The idea is not to curve the channels, but instead do Adjustments>Equalize on each of them - then tone back the opacity as normal. Doesnt work with all images, but...
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    Welcome to a new day

    The old life still surviving on this cold day
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    My web site and photoshop Actions

    Hi, if you have a spare moment, I would be glad to hear what you think of my site - I'm trying to make it has helpful as possible, so any ideas would be great. Thanks
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    Hi from cold England

    Well hello to you all and seasonal greeting - what a friendly busy forum this seems to be - I posted a fun picture and before I had time to make a cup of coffee, people had replied! I hope to share and learn from you all in this fun time of digital photos. I am well past my 'best before...
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    Is nature trying to say something to us?

    Thought you might enjoy this one
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    Fun with Colour

    Hi, I've been having a colourful time - or have I over done it? I would apprecaite your comments Thanks Chris Web Site: