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  1. 93rdcurrent

    Lightning in Spokane 2009

    I tried that originally but there were 3 factors getting in the way. First, I had the view to the lightning strikes over the roof. Secondly, the device I rigged up to keep the camera and lens dry was getting in the way at the angle mostly because of the wind driving in the rain. And finally, the...
  2. 93rdcurrent

    White Cactus flower! (C/C)

    I like the shot. It actually causes visions in the mind about what the pistils could be doing if this was a captured scene... I would say that the double framing is a bit distracting. I would try it with a single frame. Of course that has nothing to do with the actual picture itself.
  3. 93rdcurrent

    Lightning in Spokane 2009

    Here's some lightning I shot early in the morning August 21st, 2009. Converted to b&w.
  4. 93rdcurrent

    Master of Yoga.. one for CC pls.

    The color is a bit better in the clothes. What I was after with my C&C is a little bit more detail in the skin tones and the clothes. You can get away with a darker background if the rest of the image isn't too bright. The highlights are way up on the light clothes and what should appear as...
  5. 93rdcurrent

    Master of Yoga.. one for CC pls.

    It looks just a little bit overexposed and it could use a touch of saturation. I also might have used a lighter background in order to get more detail from the hair and to keep it from having the suspended in space look. Otherwise you have a good pose and decent expression. Just my $.02.
  6. 93rdcurrent

    Near the River

    I would also like to see #2 a bit larger and maybe sharper. If I was to shoot the first I might have tried a different perspective from lower to the ground and a bit more angled. Good efforts though.
  7. 93rdcurrent

    Door to abandonment

    What's inside? Maybe shooting with the door open if there are any interesting light or lose planks in the ceiling letting light spill in.
  8. 93rdcurrent

    No Mercy.

    Wonderful composition! I really like the exposure and the detail.
  9. 93rdcurrent

    South Mountain, Phoenix AZ

    I like it. I'm used to seeing more sky in landscape shots but the composition works well here. Maybe just a little less dark. Did you try working with the curves in PS?
  10. 93rdcurrent

    Scooter Man

    What f-stop were you at... I would have tried raising the ISO or opening the aperature a little more so that I could shoot just a little bit faster.
  11. 93rdcurrent

    Hot Links

    Another fantastic landscape. This is one of those images that would benefit tremendously by being large...
  12. 93rdcurrent

    Death of a Z4

    I traded my E36 M3 in on my RX-8... I still miss the massive torque from the low end of the tach on. The RX-8 may corner better and the redline is fun at 9500 rpms but the throaty groan I would hear from the M-series inline 6 with my dianan exhaust and chip upgrades was sexy. She was a sexy red...
  13. 93rdcurrent

    Red, White and Blue

    Gorgeous colors! This is one of my favorites. Great composition and detail.
  14. 93rdcurrent

    round and round we go

    Wonderful composition and capture!
  15. 93rdcurrent

    Death of a Z4

    I really like #s 2 & 5. I would like #5 better if it wasn't in the cemetary but the sky was absolutely amazing so I'll take it where it happened.
  16. 93rdcurrent

    Graffiti + Car =

    Nice looking M Coupe. I like the shot as well. Great composition and lighting on the wall. Maybe a strobist approach on the car to light it up a little bit but not too much.
  17. 93rdcurrent

    On my way to becoming "that" guy...

    I agree, the last one is the best. I like the changes you made and how much more vivid it looks with the extra processing.
  18. 93rdcurrent

    how do i lighten my darks....

    I've never used this brand before but here's a link to an ebay flash for under $100. I'm sure there are a few people on here that know better than I do about Fuji flashes.
  19. 93rdcurrent

    Tomb door

    I agree about the bottom being cut off. The lighting was great. I look forward to seeing the re-shoot.
  20. 93rdcurrent


    I saw this one earlier this week and wasn't quite so sure about it. I liked different elements but something wasn't working for me. Now with the combination of the corrected horizon and the story (maybe) it seems more interesting. One of the elements that I liked from the beginning and maybe...