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    1st pics with my new camera

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    Back Bay Sanctuary Virginia

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    Yellow Iris

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    Every fall they lower the water for winter and the kayakers flock here for the day.
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    My dolly

    Here's a couple more of Morgan.
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    Introducing Morgan

    Some very good friends of mine had a baby girl. i'd like to intoduce Mogan.
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    OHHH what big eyes you have

    Taken while I was In South Carolina visiting my daughter at the Naval Base.
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    Night Butterflys

    Was bored so I played around alittle in photoshop of some pictures I took of some led lighted lawn decorations
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    Who has served/still in the military?

    I served in the Army as truck mechanic.
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    Who has servered in the military?

    I servered in the Army and was a light wheel vehicle mechanic.
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    Shots Fired One person Hit

    in the head by his own brass. Went to the firing range to practise this weekend and took along my camera.
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    Raspberries to dad

    He keeps making me pose for him
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    A couple of my 7 pets

    My Cairn Terrier Buddy My daughters cat Gabbie.
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    No longer a recruit

    For I am now a US Navy Sailor
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    When good scarecrows go bad

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    Messing around in photoshop

    Trying to teach myself a little Photoshop.
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    My Latest Family members to join the Navy

    Thought my daughter who is in boot camp would get a laugh out of these....Hope you enjoy This is her other dog he's a CPO4(Chief Puppy Overweight) This is my youngest daughter in her Halloween Costume. Diesel Dog an original Sea Dog
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    Swearing in

    My oldest sept. 2nd swearing in for the Navy. I'm so proud, she's going to be a Nuke Tech.
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    seal-ed with a kiss