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  1. Rabieshund

    Animasola promo

    Long time no see.. I'm back with a photo I took of the band Animasola two days ago. They're about to release their debut album so I did the promotion shots. Here is one of them. The other ones were more basic but this one stands out so I'm posting it here. The band liked it. Hope you...
  2. Rabieshund

    Spacescape - Kadawatha promo

    Here I am again with some new work.. :) It's one of my new promo "shots" for Kadawatha. Kadawatha on MySpace I uploaded a pretty big image so that you can see the details! Original size is 6000x12380 px and the PSD is 1 GB. :confused: Please view in full size! The spacescape was really fun...
  3. Rabieshund

    Shiloh promo shot (need your opinion on this!)

    This is one of the shots from the session with the band Shiloh. It's pretty much a photo manipulation as I've painted all the roots (and also some tree silhouettes in the background) with a wacom. We shot this without any lighting setup in full sunlight. Luckily, the trees (and some t-shirts...
  4. Rabieshund

    The Murder Of My Sweet photoshoot (with video!)

    Here I am again with another shoot.. This time it's a band called The Murder Of My Sweet that will release their debut album worldwide soon. We had two makeup artists, one stylist from Filippa K, one hair stylist from Maria Nila, me pressing the button on the camera and my assistant doing what I...
  5. Rabieshund

    It's been a long time.. But I'm back!

    I hope you guys remember me. I have been inactive here for quite a while but now I'm here again with some new shots and also a new website that I finished today! Oh yeaah. Here are some shots, I hope you don't find them too big. I took them directly from my website...
  6. Rabieshund

    Movie poster style band promo.. uh..

    What the title says. :P Band promo in the style of a movie poster (movie posters are one of the things I want to do professionally). The space in the middle are for text, like band logo or something that they choose. Well, I need to know if I should change anything. :gah:
  7. Rabieshund

    Planning the hit/someone is hiding..

    Shot this yesterday for a brand new band.. Don't think they have a name yet. Someone is hiding in the background.. Oh and btw, I have a new website! :cheer:
  8. Rabieshund

    Desert sun

    Marissa Burns Trey promo. :) :hugs:
  9. Rabieshund


    Hehe sorry about the title.. it doesn't have a name or anything. Another promo for Kadawatha. It began to snow... I'm not sure if it's 100% ready. I'll leave that for you to decide...
  10. Rabieshund

    Martin does something different..

    ..namely beauty photography. I did some fashion too with the same girl but maybe I'll post that later. Anyways, I'm a total newbie when it comes to this kind of photography. This is like.. my second fashion/beauty shoot ever hehe. But I think it came out pretty nice. It was real fun so I'm...
  11. Rabieshund

    Kadawatha promo

    Promo for upcoming band Kadawatha. Check it out:
  12. Rabieshund

    With the power of cosmos!!

    Hahaha, in my opinion a hilarious shot of the band Adept. :lol: They all wanted different powers and everyone except the 2nd guy from the left had specific requests like fire ball and lightning.. And btw, I'm heading to Gothenburg on friday and when I come back you'll see both band shots and...
  13. Rabieshund

    Could you dodge a bullet?

    These guys sure can! One of four promos for swedish band Adept for their album release on Panic & Action. If you haven't seen The Matrix, the idea behind this shot is borrowed from the famous bullet time scene in the first Matrix movie. I like this band, they wanted almost all shots very...
  14. Rabieshund

    Rocket to the sky!!! (litterally)

    Another one of the Chemical Vocation promos for their album release. I'm pretty happy with it but if I should change anything let me know. Deadline is friday night so.. :) Band's myspace if anyone is interested:
  15. Rabieshund

    Chemical Vocation promo

    One of the promos for the swedish band Chemical Vocation's album release. The record label wanted some "pose photos" and maybe something more crazy as well. And you know what I think of craziness.. I LOVE IT! But that one isn't finished yet so I'll put up one of the pose photos here. I can post...
  16. Rabieshund

    Dammit Darling (from today)

    I know I haven't posted a lot here lately.. I'll try to change that aaaight. :) Anywayz, here is a shot from today. The band Dammit Darling wanted glamour kinda shots with a white backdrop. This is one of the shots they'll get.. Please tell me what you think. Btw, that cat was HUGE...
  17. Rabieshund

    Shallow Sense photo shoot

    Promo for Swedish band Shallow Sense ( I don't know. Should I change anything? hugz Martin
  18. Rabieshund

    Burning Me

    I haven't posted anything in ages. That's because I haven't shot anything in ages. But today I shot this self portrait. I know I have posted stuff in the same style before but what the heck. I needed to get back in shape! ;)
  19. Rabieshund

    You Ate My Dog photo shoot

    I had a session with the band You Ate My Dog from Stockholm, Sweden. They wanted photos that were a bit similar to my Saving Joshua shots, if anyone remembers those. Anyways, this is one of the two shots. I don't know if I'll post the other one. Maybe later when it's finished.
  20. Rabieshund

    An idea for a future shoot

    I was bored yesterday so I did some experimenting. I am thinking of shooting a band like this. With like four people in it. This one isn't extremely well made, I just wanted to try out the idea. What do you think? I'm having plenty of band shoots coming up but I think it would fit especially...