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    The Fan!

    amazing <3
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    Hey everyone, haven't posted in awhile. Here's a new one, let me know what you think. Also check out my flickr for some other recents. C&C please!
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    I had quite a trip last night!

    very nice, i've been trying to photograph lightning forever now, still haven't
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    New to HDR - Opinions/Suggestions Please!

    very nice hdr's, beautiful shots, and your processing is great not completely destroyed like a lot of hdrs
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    Going to Brazil!

    Well, I got my 1 Year stay business visa today! :D will be leaving this June and staying until December or January. I will be moving to Manaus, Brazil and will probably tour some other parts of the country then too, and when I arrive in Manaus I will be teaching english in one of the many...
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    ambitions of a young dreamer.

    Same here got it right away, like marcus said great concept and extremely creative, love it. the blown doesn't bother me, only wondering how much pp you did :D
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    High to the sky

    i agree with eric
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    Zakim Bridge, Boston, Night Shot

    crop out the left, amazing shot love it
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    Dorm panography

    the unprocessed looking makes it pretty cool, what size is each square individually??
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    The New Toy

    Haha thanks for the comments, new mods coming up will be a nice brush guard and 4 more lights on the roofrack for night trails, no not that kind. Well actually not a bad idea :P
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    The New Toy

    well here she is, brand spankin new Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Team Special Edition and Stick Shift, pretty rare in the US. Had to search 400miles away from home for it. Anyway, first day with the gas guzzling beast, got some nightshots at LSI in one of the industrial parks at Allentown/Whitehall...
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    Mustang Nightshot

    thanks for the comments! :D the lighting is terrible there :P i do shoot in RAW and have them saved, but no RAW editing software atm :( it was dark that night and i was having some trouble with my shooting eye that day, thus i blame the focus on those two ^_^
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    Can someone help me?

    Bask in the glory of 600 posts? :D
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    Mustang Nightshot

    didn't put it in the title, but it's a HDR composed of 3 images. muhahaha anywho, windows live pp like normal for my pics recently, then thrown together with photomatix like all my hdrs. C&C PLEASE!
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    Exit to Main Street

    bumping from page 2 any thoughts?
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    eye trouble - blurred one eye

    Its completely gone now just as sharp as it should be. Just never happened before at least not for that long. I also have some trouble with floaters, more a distraction than a problem even with them I've won awards for target shooting and just got scared for my good eye :P
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    eye trouble - blurred one eye

    It cleared up now, I thought I might have slept on it weird but I didn't think so too much. I woke up at 6 and turned off my alarm and was focused on it them when I woke up again around 7 it was blurred, then after a shower it still was, then out in the sun and it was still blurry. Just took a...
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    eye trouble - blurred one eye

    I woke up this morning and it was like my left eye wouldn't focus, after playing around with it I've noticed I can still focus but there's a blur that won't go away with anyway I focus my left eye. Right eye is perfectly fine. I'm wondering if anyone has ever experienced I'm pretty concerned and...
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    Pier Perspective

    hmm would of liked to see the columns a little sharper, great perspective though was it windy?
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    Infrared in Trieste

    wow intense shot, love it. great saturation and all. doesn't look infared to me very nice