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    Making a Person Site.

    Hosting should not be a problem for images, as they are relatively small. Let's say each image on your site is 0.05mb (50kb), and lets say you have 100 images on the site, that's a total of 5mb space used by images. Then let's say you have 5gb of bandwidth on your hosting (which is pretty...
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    Need a slideshow to put into webpage

    You could try (the free version). It is unlikely you'll find a professional looking one for free without some sort of watermark unfortunately :-( SlideShowPro is probably one of the best (non-free) flash slideshow apps out there, and is great...
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    Changed Home page.

    Almost, the word false is on the next line, making the page redirect behind the popup. Once you fix that, it will all work perfectly ! :thumbup:
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    When can I post attachments?????

    I think you need to be a subscriber to post attachments ? But you can easily embed an image in your post using BB Code.
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    4 Portraits

    That's what i plan to do :D Since taking those pictures i now have a reflector and a little more experience, so hopefully i'll have some better ones to post sometime in the future. :wink:
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    Product shots of a model I built

    I like the photos, the lighting feels soft and nicely balanced, and the colours have a natural feel about them. Really great job. :) A very intricate model too, was it hand painted ?? I'd love to see the shots on a black (or dark grey) background too. I just feel these type of shots would lend...
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    Two Portraits

    I agree with the others, they are great, and you captured a priceless expression in the first. Good job :thumbup:
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    CS3 vs Lightroom

    Kind of, but they're completely different pieces of software. Lightroom is brilliant for management of pictures and is aimed at photographers based on it's tool and functionalities. PS does everything you could want with regards to image editing and retouching. It features Adobes Camera Raw...
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    4 Portraits

    Thank you Jamesy and noescape. You are quite right, the white tshirt and white background were not ideal. Lack of time and equipment didn't help either :(
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    My stockphoto offerings

    Very cool site, and a great personal project which you're executing well ! :thumbup: Love the ability to search by colours, a nice little feature. The identical page titles will be killing search engine optimisation a little, as will the meta description tags. URL re-writes would help...
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    New to TPF, would love your comments on my site.

    Very cool. Nice retouching portfolio :thumbup:
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    Simpleviewer and frontpage

    First, to embed SimpleViewer the way they recommend you need to make sure you have swfobject.js, viewer.swf and gallery.xml in the same directory as the page which will display the gallery. You can put them anywhere, but you would need to modify the code slightly. Open Frontpage and switch to...
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    32 bit?

    No, when you save in a lower format you lose the extra data as far as i'm aware. So it is gone forever unfortunately :(
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    1.6X crop

    Kind of, but imagine what the sensor sees on a full frame, then picture a cropped sensor on top, the edges are lost, but the image appears zoomed in because what it sees is still a 'full image' across the sensor. Hard to explain !
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    Skulte Studios Preview Please Review

    Yeh i hate it when people do stuff like that. I had a site design completely stolen once, and it's so annoying because there's so little you can do about it.
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    Changed Home page.

    Incase you arn't your own web tech, this is how the code should look ... The line reading <a href="#" onClick="javascript:popup('htmlsite')"> Should read <a href="htmlsite/" onClick="javascript:popup('htmlsite'); return false;">
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    Changed Home page.

    Just one thing Candace ... (Thought it would be worth mentioning because it will affect how Google and other search engines index your site) ... The dial up users link won't be followed by most search engines because it uses JavaScript to open a new window. You should still use a valid href...
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    Skulte Studios Preview Please Review

    I like the logo too, i wasn't trying to say i didn't (just incase you took it that way). All down to personal preference anyway, but i'm with you, i love simplicity ! Hehe. the copyright watermark did take my by surprise a little bit when i first viewed the link ;):lol:
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    Boobies!! I need some website album scripts

    There are a number of nice flash image galleries which are quite popular. (Don't know if you were wanting flash). AutoViewer is probably my favourite free one. SimpleViewer is also good. SlideShowPro is great, but not free. It has loads of config options and is very easy to implement. If...