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    Hi folks I'm not new but haven't visited in about 6 years as I lost my mojo but recently my boy became a man and lo n behold he's taken up photography, well I'll rephrase that, he's bought an DSLR Nikon D300 with very light use and thats rekindled my old interests being a former...
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    forum slow

    Is it me/my comp or does anyone else think the forum is very slow loading pages at the moment? H
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    Dev-contact sheet-Print from neg for newbies

    Sorry folks got to delete
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    wrong place

    Thought I was in the wrong place for a moment there. H
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    bibble pro

    Hi folks anyone using the latest Bibble pro software with Nikon, the reason I ask is that the site claims its nef converter is faster and better than the nikon software, presently I'm using nx view to convert and am unhappy with the program, I also don't wish to buy the capture nx if there's...
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    F.A.O Garbz & other Ozzies

    Hi Garbz dont know if you're the only oz resident here but need to ask a ?, I'm about to embark on a tour of east coast Aus with my daughter and thinking about doing it by m/cycle, what I'de like to know is if there is some online publication for used bikes/cars, over here we have autotrader...
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    Couple from the w/end

    any good? H.
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    Why does this forum require login roughly every ten minutes, its a nightmare, other fora login forever (till browser closed) why does this one collapse so soon, writing a lengthy thought out post or reply requires copy/paste as I know from experience I'll be logged out before hitting the button
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    lafoto stitch

    All you need to do in adobe six is go file-new put in your canvas size to accommodate however many photos to incorporate, then open each image select all n drag n drop on new canvas then work each layer till your happy, flatten layers and do your pp work. I've done panos this way from version...
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    being too nice

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    being too nice

    I've been following the Benjikan thread, "30mp sort of" , I do agree that different techniques need to be explored by photographers in their pursuit of incredible imagery, in the first instance this is how photography has developed to the standards we now achieve, experiment. I understand...
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    What's up with this forum

    Recently I can only reply to postings once, after that I get the login again and not permission to post message, usually within ten minutes or so of logging in, anyone know whats up.
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    in the woods

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    keep logging out

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    in the woods

    this caught my eye one day, wadaya think:
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    good site link for darkroomies Good site for film buffs, the massive dev chart is ideal for when only unknown chems are available.
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    Here's my effort Its in dev stage at the moment but mostly done, no flash or other distracting crap though just pics and a little rant about corrupt councils etc.
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    keep logging out

    What's up with the site, after posting an answer it keeps logging me out.
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    how do I upload an image to the forum?