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    Google street view type of photography. Anyone done this?

    I'm thinking about starting a project that will involve photos of many locations. I thought it might be cool to allow the user to navigate through the photos in a manner similar to google street view. My project would not be nearly as in-depth and detailed, and would use using far less images...
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    Need light tent recommendations.

    I'm going to be trying my hand at some product photography soon And I could use some advice. A friend of mine is starting an organic bar soap company, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to do some product shots, and help a friend get up and running. Anyway, I have seen all the home...
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    I need a backpack...I think.

    So right now All of my gear Lives in a pelican case, and its great, if I want ALL of my gear. Now I don't mind carrying one camera and lens if I'm going out somewhere, but I have been slacking off at photography recently, because I don't want to carry around a lot of extra stuff too and from...
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    Lots of prints for free!

    If anyone is interested in trying a couple new labs, there seems to be quite a few that offer free prints. Most offer 25 or 50 for free, and one site offers 1200 prints free! Read the terms and conditions, but some good deals here...
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    Craigslist scam? I think so.

    Hasselblad H3DII-39 Camera Body, 1777 Actuations, MINT and have a look here. Hasselblad H3DII-39 Camera Body, 1777 Actuations, MINT - eBay (item 130364445671 end time Feb-11-10 10:00:26 PST) Happy shopping.;)
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    Anyone else think the new Dominoes Pizza SUCKS?

    Well Dominoes Pizza has apparently changed their entire recipe; I found out when I ordered a pizza and there was a whole story bragging about how great it was printed on the box. Well I will never order Dominoes again, Its really not good. I suppose they did market testing and decided that it...
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    Stocking suffers? Making a list.

    Well I often consider major photography equipment purchases to be a very personal decision, weather its a tripod or a lens, what works for you might not be so great for me. These purchases also tend to be quite expensive compared to what I usually buy people, so I thought we could make a list of...
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    What backs are on these RB67s

    Well I'm waiting for an email, but can anyone tell me what are the wide backs on two of the cameras in this picture? and can you tell from the picture if these are the Pro, pro-s or pro-SD? Thanks Mamiya RB67
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    Light Room File organization/work flow

    I Decided to try lightroom 2 a few weeks ago, and so far I think I am an convert. The layout is intuitive, its faster than Aperture, and I can use droplets to run NoiseWare and other photoshop actions without actually having to manually put everything through photoshop. Now my question to all...
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    Rosco beat me to it! Good for strobists though.

    Well a few months ago I was ready to put up a poll to see if people would be interested, and start putting together some strobist gel kits. I figured that gel was hard to come by outside of major cities, and when you do find it local or order it, you have to buy full sheets, of a couple square...
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    When the bag fills up, Where do you keep all your gear?

    So the fact that my gear seems to be growing exponentially, and after reading the "how many bags" thread, I'm trying to figure out where to store everything. Do you reconfigure your main bag before each shoot, or do you have a few kits and just grab the right one. Right now my main "bag" is a...
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    New M42 bellows and lenses.

    I just picked up a new Mamiya macro bellows and several m42 lenses. Here are a couple of test shots, that I took just messing around with crap laying around my living room. One thing is for sure; I need to clean my sensor! :lol: This is a tiny number stamped into the top of a soda can. The...
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    Who manufactures "Popular" Brand lenses?

    I have seen a few M42 screwmount Lenses on ebay, and the brand or distributor is "Popular." Does anone Know who actually makes them? I was thinking maybe Vivitar, but they don't look quite the same, then again lenses this age all tend to look so similar.
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    Rear curtain sync on a TLR? Timer? converter?

    So the question... Is there any (easy)way to make a flash rear-curtain sync with my Yashica TLR, or any film camera that does not offer rear curtain, for that matter? For bulb exposures I could try using a stopwatch and manually triggering the strobe before closing the shutter, but that is a...
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    Location ideas?

    I'm trying to come up with a few locations to shoot my friends band. The photos will be used for promotional flyers, website, etc. They are a Brazilian Samba Rock band, so I want to capture that style if possible. I have a few ideas but I would like some input. My first couple ideas are the...
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    20x30 canvas wraps cheap! $25!

    I cannot personally comment on the quality, but for the price it may be worth a shot. Custom Canvas 20" x 30" - | Digital Photo Prints, Photo Books & Custom Gifts Apply coupon code "CANVAS2499" and it drops to $24.99. Plus you also get free shipping. Found this deal on
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    Pentax SMC or Super?

    What is the difference between a Pentax SMC and a Super. Different coatings? And what difference does it make in the real world?
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    Want a macro, thinking about m42 Takumar 100mm F/4 and adapter.

    Well I have come to the realization that I want a macro lens, Out of all the lenses I currently have my highest magnification is only 1:4.5. I'm going to try my hand at some product photography, just shooting some beverage bottles of a friend of mine who is a local distributor. There is no...
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    sorry. The begining of a rant about a photography teacher.

    So...My younger brother just started a high school photograph class, it an introduction class, so I expected that he would learn the basics, like aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc...then assignments like, leading lines, rule of thirds, DOF, and whatnot. So I gave my brother a Canon 10S and a...