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  1. Jgould25

    Day at Disneyland

    I went to Disneyland on Friday. I've been getting more seriously into photography again after a long hiatus, so of course I took my camera. I thought I would share some, all critique is wanted and welcome. I'm still learning to capture quick movement and master my camera, so I know some of these...
  2. Jgould25

    Trip to Sydney, Australia

    Hey Guys. Just got back from a month long trip to Australia for work. Got lucky enough to see Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. I absolutely fell in love with the country, and see myself returning. Anyways, Here are a few photo's I took from Sydney. Any critiques you have are more than welcome...
  3. Jgould25

    Santa Catalina Island Pier

    Spent an amazing few days on Catalina Island this past weekend. Took tons of pictures, thought I'd share. All critiques welcome.
  4. Jgould25

    Quick Critique

    So I've posted a few times on here in the past and have gotten some good feedback, so I thought I'd share a few more photos. Taken at Universal Studios Hollywood, this is the first time I shot in RAW and played around with the pictures in Lightroom.
  5. Jgould25


    Here are a couple of images from Disney this weekend. 1.) "When I grow up... I wanna be a Stormtrooper" 2.) Dramatic Stormtrooper?
  6. Jgould25

    Tokyo and Seoul- Critiques wanted

    For the past two months, thanks to my deployment I've had a chance to cross off two of the cities on my bucket list, and visit both Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, South Korea. Unfortunately, due to luggage restrictions put on us by my command, I was forced to leave my DSLR behind in Okinawa so all I...
  7. Jgould25

    Questions about shooting with Pentax

    So for my birthday this year, I wanted a camera to document my upcoming trip to Japan. What I got was a GoPro Silver 4, and a used Pentax K200D. The Pentax was kind of an added bonus, because I mainly wanted the GoPro to make small videos of scuba diving and random adventures, but a family...
  8. Jgould25

    Critique everything.

    So, second post on the forum, and I wanted to share some of the pictures I've already taken with my new (to me) Pentax K200D. I have zero idea what I'm really doing when it comes to photography (as in settings for shutter speed, aperture, ISO etc), because everything before this was point and...
  9. Jgould25

    Hey Guys

    Hey, New Guy here. I'm Jason, and I currently reside in Southern California. I'm getting ready to head to Japan for a few months, so thanks to my family, I got some cameras to document the trip. I got a older Pentax K200D and a GoPro Silver 4. Anyways I really have no Idea what I'm doing...