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    Las Vegas off the beaten path

    Can anyone provide some insight intonspme great areas off the beaten path in the Begas area for photo opportunities / adventures. Areas around Red Rock Canyon and such????
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    Smartphone apps

    I have begun looking at some smartphone apps related to cloud cover and light timing. The light timings could be very useful to get a better idea of the location and situation before spending hours in the car to find out the lighting is wrong due to the landscape. Anyone have any experience...
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    Need PostProcessing Help

    I need some help post processing this image. I use PhotoShop CS2 and LightRoom 2. One of the lights didn't flash and I can fix the subject with some adjustments but can't remember a good technique for the background. This is the pose the mother likes the most. Any help is appreciated.
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    Convert Slides to CD

    Has anyone used any vendors for converting a large number of slides to digital files on a CD?
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    Precious Feet

    I was taking some photos of a friend kids this weekend. One is 2, the other 8 months. A feet shot is always a challenge, but we really seemed to like how this one came out. What are your thoughts? This crop is an 8x10 aspect, I must admit the 4x6 aspect ratio had a better crop but not the...
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    MPIX vs. Millers

    Yes... I know that MPIX is owned by Millers. I have been using MPIX for years and have always been impressed with their products. Recently I got an account with Millers (I suppose I got it because it was the all mighty Millers). Anyways... has anyone compared the prints between MPIX and...
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    feeling stupid today

    Ok, so I am feeling very stupid today.... where did the critique forums go? I can find them by visiting my subscribed threads, but not off the forum page... Oh, I feel so stupid... THanks,
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    Photoshop Extract tool

    Has anyone tried using the photoshop extract tool to remove the background from a picture. I have a client that needs to use an image in a publication that was taken with a blue based background.... client absolutely loves it, and now the client is being featured in a professional publication...
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    UpRes (Increasing Resolution) in Adobe

    I usually don't recommend UpRes'ing a photo, however this is all I have to start with. The client supplied it and wants an 8x10. This is barely good enough for a 5x7. Can anyone share some tips for increasing the resolution to make a suitable 8x10?
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    Photo Magnets

    Has anyone offered photo magnets before? I have a client who is specifically asking about them for an upcoming event. Unfortunately MPIX does not offer them. What vendors have you used for the magnets and how did they turn out. I really appreciate any input and quality is essential. Thanks,
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    Chromatic Backdrops

    I have a client that wants to be "creative" with his background for his picutures to make it look like he is in other places. Because of this I have been asked to shoot the photos with a chroma green background and then process it out before deliver the final image with no background. Has...
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    Crabby anyone???

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    Camera Body Cleaning

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    Noise Reduction

    I took this photo at iso 800 with the total intent of trying to improve my noise reduction skills. I use photoshop CS2 with noise ninja, and when i get the noise out the image is too blurry. I apply an unsharp mask and it just doesn't come out right. here is an un-edited image...
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    Photoshop image resizing -- great loss of detail

    I have encountered an issue with photoshop during the resizing of a photo that I did not previously encounter... maybe I just didn't notice. I have an image that is RAW format and I am using Adobe Bridge to open it in photoshop. I need to resize it to a smaller image and when I do I lose a...
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    Fall Colors -- Northern Lower Michigan

    In a few weeks I will be travelling to the Boyne area of Michigan, USA. About 50 miles east of Traverse City and 60 miles south of the Mackinac Straits. This area is known for colors and includes the Boyne Highlands, Boyne Mountain, etc. Has anyone been in this area that has a few things that...
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    The best photog ever (No PICS)

    I attended a wedding in early July as a guest. Some old friends that I had not seen for many years had flown back in from Oregon to get married in their hometown. This really was a great wedding, small, but special like a wedding should be. Anyways... here is where the story begins. My...
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    Album books

    I have been revisiting the Album books that I use and was wondering what everyone else uses. Mine are from a local supplier and not bad, but I keep thinking there is something better out there. What do you use?
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    I was just reading a different point and someone was recommending to use a pro HMU. Does anyone know what this refers to? I did some quick checking and I really don't know.
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    Father w/ Bride -- 7/8

    Just felt like sharing this shot. I always enjoy it when the emotion shows through. So many fight it back.