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    Wide angle lens for canon powershot A540

    i own a 6 mp canon powershot A540 and i really want a wide angle lens so i can fit more into the picture. I was looking on amazon and i found a lens that fits and its pretty cheap. with both of these lenses i know that it blocks the flash on the camera, but i dont use flash very much so thats...
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    Kodak Retina 1 type 141

    i found a camera at a flea market for 10 bucks. i didnt know how much it was worth but it looked fairly old, and for nostaligias sake i bought it. i looked it up on the internet and its a Kodak Retina 1 Type 141. i was wondering if any one has had experience with this camera, and how much it is...
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    Beginner in photography need critique

    i got digital camera about 2 weeks ago been shooting like crazy ever since. what can i improve on as in arranging photos and also light. and also you can edit them if you find something to do to it. i have better photos, (atleast i like them more) on my other computer ill post them 2maroh.